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Green Man Gaming Ltd

Payment System Broken

I tried to purchase Defiance from this company (discounted and with a coupon, $33 total, nearly 50% off!). I made an account while in the checkout process. I got all the way to payment before it refused both my card and my boyfriend's card. It also refused both of our Paypals. The checkout process has a time limit (15m) which I monkeyed with until it ran out. I dug a little deeper and discovered they have a system where your account needs to be verified by E-Mail before you make a purchase. No big deal.

I do the verification and try to purchase. It tells me I cannot put the game in my basket because my account isn't verified. So, I go back to my E-Mail and try the link again, thinking I may have messed up on my end. I click the link and it tells me "This account is active!" Awesome! So I go to purchase. Once again, it says the account is inactive and I cannot put the game in my basket. So, I'm able to get to the payment part of the site before my account is "activated" and then when I do the official activation it tells me I'm not activated and I can't even put the game in my basket.

After trying to get this game purchased for 30 minutes (remember, nearly $30 in savings) I said screw it and went to Amazon and paid $20 more for it there (a $10 off sale.) I'd rather give my money to a company who has their act together. Don't even bother with these guys. I was so excited to tell my friends about an awesome deal on a fun game, but now Amazon will get their business too.

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