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Extremely poor

I booked flights to travel to Orlando with them as they were the cheapest around by about £100. I booked on 21st March 2013. I received a confirmation email and all was fine until I got a call on 28th march 2013 from a representative of the company to tell me that unfortunately when I booked my flights at 11pm on 21st march 2013, the price had changed at midnight (1 hour after I booked) and as a result I would have to pay £350 more. I asked why I had to pay more as the price only changed an hour after I had booked and paid and surely the price I paid had to be honoured. At this point he was very aggressive and I had to ask him numerous times to stop shouting at me.

At first I thought it was a hoax call, maybe somebody trying to get my to disclose my card details over the phone as the guy didn't even know the details of my booking. He told me it was for 4 adults and 1 child, when it was in fact for 3 adults, 1 child and 1 infant. He only knew the flight was to the USA and didn't know the dates of travel.

I was on the phone for 25 minutes trying to understand what was going on as he was talking very fast and kept putting me on hold claiming that he was 'looking for a good deal for me'. I told him in the end that I just wanted a refund as I was unhappy to deal with his company. I also asked why it had took them a week since I had booked to contact me, to which he replied he had been off sick.

He told me that the money would be refunded to my card in 3 working days. That was 28th march. I emailed him directly on 4th April and submitted a web enquiry form asking about my refund. He completely ignored my email and despite getting an automated email saying 97 percent of emails are responded to within 24 hours, i am still awaiting a reply. I rang again on 5th April (as it had been Easter bank holiday in between) as the money had still not been refunded. He told me it would be in by 8th April. 8th April I rang again to be told another 3 working days. friday 12th April I rang again to be told it would be today.

I looked up details to complain on the company website and it says that in emergencies to contact Mr. Ken or Mr. Sam and provides mobile numbers. The first mobile number for Mr. Sam rang out and whoever answered told me I had the wrong number. The second number for Mr. Ken was indeed him. I explained my problem and he told me he would call me back-this was last Friday 12th April. I am still waiting for his call.

I am worried sick I will not get the money back as it has now been just short of a month and it is over £3000. I can't book anymore flights until I get the money back and at this rate the flights are going to be that expensive that we won't be able to go.

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