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Companies using Hermes will lose business

Topshop started using this company a while ago for their deliveries and I've now had two parcels go missing already and I won't be ordering from anymore.

Basically the couriers seem to 'sign' for things (write a scribble) and pretend they've delivered. I'm assuming they pocket the goods afterwards.

Topshop have sorted a refund both times and believed me that the items have never actually been delivered but as it's happened more than once - resulting in the goods being sold out and therefore irreplaceable - I've given up. It's incredibly frustrating.

I just think their business model doesn't work and it's being abused by staff who come in on a temporary basis - even when items have gotten through they don't bother checking who you are or getting signtaures - they just want to get rid and go. Low security means the couriers can get away with murder if they choose to do so and customers lose out.

You also have to have Topshop liase with them and they take 4-5 days to respond, spend money on phonecalls sorting it, and ultimately not even receive the goods: more trouble that it's worth!

Difficult for Topshop as it's not directly their fault, but they really need to take note about how unprofessional these guys are and stop using them.

I won't be using any website or ebay seller that uses Hermes after my two terrible identical experiences. I'd also like to point out that I've never had anything from royal mail, dpd, or ups vanish so there's no excuse.

I thought the response from the member of their team on here was terrible and shows how badly run they are - don't make excuses, just do your job!

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