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Hungry House is great although it can only be as good as the takeaways it represents

Can't fault Hungry House as a concept and their part of the chain of events in getting a good takeaway is carried out brilliantly. The actual end service of course depends on the takeaway you choose. The only part of this I have a slight gripe with is that Hungry House give an option for a time of delivery, but the takeaways don't always seem to bother to read this part, instead completing the order and sending it out the moment they receive it. Hungry House do their best to minimise this by delaying the order being placed, but still a little nudge to remind the takeaways to read the details clearly would make this even better.

The simplicity of making the order over the internet can't be beaten though, if your local takeaway is represented, Hungry House is most definitely worth trying.

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Helen Callis
High Wycombe, United Kingdom