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IS WORLDSTORES OPERATING LEGALLY??? ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL - for every sale they make they lose a customer, who then spreads the word

I bought a sofa from the SofaWorld or do I mean RIP OFF WORLD part of WorldStores, this was the biggest mistake I ever made. My experience with this company is the same as everyone elses, only it left me in a life threatening position. If I hadnt been given atropine to keep my heart rate up I wouldnt be writing this now.

What I received from Worldstores was definately not what I'd viewed on their website, nor what I'd ordered & paid for, not only was it VERY POOR QUALITY, it was aslo USED, FAULTY & DAMGED!!! I have read that Worldstores rescue their stock from warehouses, rescued from what though? going to the rubbish tip!!!

Is this company I wonder & have to ask myself, ran by two men who make their millions by our late refunds making interest sitting in their bank accounts. Do we even get refunded because mine they promised had left their account over 2 weeks ago, & was definately with my bank on Wednesday according to Worlsdstores, but my bank told me different. Also by the premium rate number we constantly call always to be kept waiting at least 20 minutes at a time, my phone bills through the roof with their number! I find it hard to believe after my purchase, & reading other bad reviews, of which there are so very many, that it can be from the poor quality, faulty, damaged, mouldy, broken, rotting, smashed up furniture we keep receiving from them. I feel they have used me to dispose of their unwanted rubbish, & taken me for being a complete idiot!

I was also like some of you offered the bog standard £30, I felt so insulted & thought my life was worth more than that, even then they only offered it me after I SUFFERED it out being constantly persistant. Ive sent dozens of emails & made umpteen phone calls & after being verbally abused by staff then, having them slam the phone down on me, & having to demand being compensated, only then was it offered, at which point I was very confused as to why I could be offered £30, but finding it impossible to get them to refund me. It has so far cost me much more than this in phone calls, & packaging sofa for collection, they refuse point blank to take it back if its not wrapped, it doesn't matter that its not fit for re-sale. I feel Worldstores have put every obstacle in my way not to take sofa back, again I have to wonder if they did, which poor soul would receive it next, as too many of their customers are having the same experience.

There are NINE to date failed collection attempts, & after waiting in for no shows & on seven occasions not even being informed they were coming they still haven't collected the heap of rubbish they advertised as a sofa! & I have not received £30 supposed good will gesture!

Broken promises, lies, apologies, then continuing to make mistake after incompetent mistake, the rude, ignorant, incapable, unprofessional, incompetent, mindless, heartless staff Ive communicated with from the sales line right up to the chief executives. This was no easy task as nobody will speak to you, Ive been given every excuse imaginable, even to the phone lines being down. Do they not have telephone engineers in that part of the country? because the lines have been down for weeks in my experience, months after reading other reviews. So emails only, but what they dont say is just how many emails you have to send before you get a reply, I had to eventually demand someone from Worldstores to ring me! & that proved to be a complete waste of time. I have 82 emails on my computer, the majority of which I sent to customer services, management, & CEO's, these don't include the ones I have submitted on their website either. The time I've wasted, the money I've lost, the whole saga going on for weeks. Ive been through all this & it's not even over yet. The total disregard for my life, then having the audacity to tell me it would be unlawful of me to dispose of the sofa, because it had become such a hindrance to me. My feelings at this point are how dare they even consider me being unlawful, & feel very confused when I feel they are in breach of so much themselves. I still have nowhere to sit because I had got rid of the old sofa to make space for the new one. I eventually had no choice after the way I was being treated other than to send Worldstores an email asking them to please stop bullying me & not to contact me again.

Worldstores sent a ONE man van to collect a sofa!!! There was no way I could have helped & the company knew this & why, as I had told them I had stitches from my navel all the way up to my breastbone. It is the company's responsibility to collect the sofa not mine & I should not have been expected to lift a sofa in the first place. I was at the hospital & hadn't even been informed of another collection, but somehow it seemed I was made to feel guilty for this! Another time they rang at 11.30am & said it would be collected that AFTERNOON, again I was at the hospital so I cut that short to get back as I was so desperate to be rid of the sofa, I got back to find a card from collection company they had been at 10.45am! so I'd been called after the collection company had already been!!! Other attempts I knew nothing about, I had never been informed. I just kept on receiving cards posted through my letterbox all still continuing to be from the ONE man collection company Worldstores hired. This is all after I waited in TWICE all day for them not to show up at all, nor let me know they weren't coming. Also I had to ring in several times to get a return form, as one was never provided!

On delivery, which was also late, they didn't even bring the sofa in or onto my premises, they left it OUTSIDE!!! & there was no paperwork whatsoever. It was left in damp musty stinking cardboard that was rotting, & BUGS coming out of it when it was delivered so I don't see why I can't leave it where they left it for them to collect!!! I checked this out legally & I am within my rights to do so as I am not disposing of it or making financial gain, & Ive made constant attempts to get sofa collected, & it's contaminating my home, & if the scrap men take it, well whose fault & problem is that?

I would like to have been able to give my full uncut version of my experience after shopping with Worldstores, it does get worse, but I have to stick to terms & conditions & give a fair review. Worldstores blocked my other review.

I have & still am experiencing that Worldstores simply refuse to take any responsibility whatsoever in any part of what they ARE responsible for. I believe this company prey on our trust for their custom in ways that should not be allowed, nor should we accept.

Ive also been forced due to my experience with Worldstores into opening a case against them with ******* & filed a report with ******* & informed ******** & also ******* (don't think I'm allowed to mention names because of T&C's) also started investigation into Worldstores, amongst other things, I don't think this company is operating as it should be.

My review is to help fellow shoppers. OUR MONEY IS HARD EARNED WHY WASTE IT ON WORLDSTORES !!!

UPDATE - 25/4/13
It seems Worldstores are hell bent on proving just how low they will stoop. The 3 - 5 working days have passed, & still no money in my account. I am not surprised as all they have done so far is LIE. Well even after being given umpteen chances & weeks to resolve my issues & with the knowledge of knowing where this case is heading, they have over proven to me just how despicable they really are. They really are proving suspicion, thoughts & feelings to be true! Absolutely no attempt whatsoever has been made by Worldstores to even bother to try & restore my faith in their company, so that's something else they have lost permanently, along with my custom.

UPDATE 26/4/13
Had 3 calls from contact centre manager yesterday, was hesitant to speak to him, as I have lost trust, & if I hadn't then I certainly have now. It would be unfair of me to disclose exactly what was said at this point, as I have to assume respect that the company would want the conversation kept confidential. I was under the impression that it was to try & resolve things fully & put an end to the whole situation once & forever. This however was not the case, as the end of the conversation resulted in me being told, well basically to go & do one, but politely so. So I have no option other than to proceed with things further, & things are snowballing.

UPDATE 27/4/13
Thankyou all for the massive response, arisen from this review.

UPDATE 1/5/13
Am really sick & tired of being messed around by Worldstores now, after further communication, yet another failed attempt to resolve things amicably. Am fed up of being lied to, ignored & being told one thing & then they go & do another. Worldstores are just impossible to deal with. Are the good reviews on here fake? Are people really paid to write good reviews for this company? I dunno, all I do know is that Worldstores are incapable of earning a good review for themselves.

UPDATE 15/5/13
I have today received confirmation that Worldstores is now fully reported & logged on all the necessary legal databases for investigation. I strongly urge everybody else to pick up the phone, or send a letter, or email their complaint/report to any of the legal organisations. I have filed my complaints & reports to them all. The more people that report this company the stronger the cases will be. The sooner this company is stopped the better.

Who I wonder keeps on writing all these supposed good reviews, as anyone who has ever shopped with Worldstores knows only to well this company is completely incapable of earning even as much as an isolated single good review!

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