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I was loyal, now I find it awful!!!

I have been with Love film and Netflix since October 2013. This gives a great mix of films, but Netflix has always been the stronger. My children have Blue ray players in their rooms and they can watch anything with zero cost, so a great system. That was until a few days ago, when my daughter asked me if she could "hire" a film On Lovefilm she needed to watch for her English project. I told her not to be silly, all the films are free. She insisted it was not free, so I looked at her blue ray player and found that she was about to hire "Brighton Rock" for £3:49. I could not believe it, all the films had pricetags on Love film. Love film has been killed by Amazon. I looked at Love film on my XBox1 and no pricetags. Was I going to get charged or not, I could not figure this out, what an awful mess. What has really annoyed me, is that my kids could (and may have) run up a very large bill thinking they could still watch anything. I could have spent money on my XBox1 without realising, as it did not have pricetags. As for "Brighton Rock", it is available in a double play Blue ray and DVD pack for £3:48 at How can the Blue ray be cheaper to buy than it is to rent from Love film/Amazon - way too over priced, even if anyone was gullible enough to pay for the films. I could not work out what was Amazon film, what was Prime and what was Love film or how to control this mess. I phoned Amazon and congratulated them on killing Love film. I am not prepared to pay for streaming and then pay per film, so I have cancelled Lovefilm. What I am most annoyed about is that without notification, they allowed the opportunity for my kids to spend serious money on films they had every reason to expect to be free. My subscription runs until the end of the month, but we cannot use it, as we could get charged and not realise.

If you are looking for a streaming service, then it has to be Netflix, cheaper than Amazon, better video quality, wider selection of content, better content, no pricetags and available on more devices.

I sent a tweet to Amazon video, they ignore you if you do not like the mess they have created. They are not interested in what their customers think.

Love film/Amazon, I resent having to give you 1 star, but I cannot give you zero.

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Dreadful - avoid if you expect any after sales support.

My daughter received a Pandora ring for her birthday from her boyfriend, sadly it was the wrong size. Having a receipt you would think it would be easy to exchange, not with Pandora. Unhelpful, intransigent and obstructive staff claimed the ring had been scratched or worn in the shower, claiming its colour was too dark. She only got it that day and tried it on once. With my daughter in tears, her birthday ruined, do you think they would show some good will - not a bit of it, they were dreadful. We had to get the ring examined, there was nothing wrong with it and we were left with the impression they had just made up fiction about the ring to fob us off.

If you are buying jewellery for an important occasion or a surprise present, this is one place to avoid.


Very pleased - now!

A difficult "birth", but a happy ending

After reading many negative reviews here, I wanted to share my experience with Plusnet.

The following I wrote on 22nd October
I signed up with them on the 10th of October, with a connection date of 18th of October, I booked this day off work, as they could not fully explain if an engineer was required. I got a letter from them a few days later, which had an incorrect e-mail address for me; so I phoned them to correct this. During this phone call, I was advised that my order had not been put through and a new later connection date would have to be allocated. I was not happy, but things like this happen. I got a text allocating the 23rd of October for connection, which I booked off work. I had by this time tried (unsuccessfully) to firm-up the requirement for an engineer visit, as I already had fibre and I was sceptical about needing an engineer visit my home. The following day, I got a text from Plusnet, the connection date had now fallen back to the 24th of October without explanation. I did push really hard for an explanation and after a few e-mails, I got an explanation (in some detail) to the original change of date (18th-23rd, but no explanation for the 24th). In the evening on the 22nd of October, I got a text from Plusnet advising that my connection date had now fallen back to the 30th October, no explanation was offered. I phoned Plusnet and advised them that I cannot trust something as important as my phone & internet to a company that has let me down on 3 separate occasions and all of this prior to becoming a customer. I advised that I wished to cancel prior to connection (their terms & conditions point 13.1 & Distance Selling Regulations 2000).

Because I had conducted some research of online reviews of Plusnet whilst on hold for the 20 minutes it took to speak with their customer services, I read some examples of unhappy customers documented on review sites (not least on this site); so I was expecting a battle. There was no battle, no defensiveness, no excuses, just an acceptance they had got it wrong and I was released from my contract. Then I was told the £131 I had paid for 1 year's line-rental was non-refundable after 10 days and I was 2 days beyond this. However, because of the trouble I had, they agreed to refund everything I had paid, putting this in writing in a couple of minutes. I asked about returning the router, they said please keep it as a spare because of all the trouble - they indicated it was not worth the postage.

In summary, you can only allow a company to let you down a certain number of times before very large alarm bells begin ringing in your ears, telling you to pull out. In my case, they let me down on 3 separate occasions and who knows; they could have let me down on more occasions had I let them continue along the same route. The customer service was far better than the physical service, which in my case; after 3 attempts, never materialised (see the update below).

Later that evening, I contacted other ISP's and the advice I was given was consistent, I did not need an engineer, I did not need to take the day off and transition could be arranged with 2-3 working days, as I have FTTC and I was asking for a FTTC service.

I planned to look for a new ISP or re-contract to BT on 23rd of October, which I had booked the day off work.

Update on 23rd October
After Plusnet provided a full refund and accepted they had got things wrong, they took over my broadband in the early hours of 23rd of October without acting on my contract termination agreed the day before and was effectively without my permission - albeit a mistake (despite them saying connection was delayed to the 30th October) and placed it with them, but without a service. I had a simple choice, re-sign with Plusnet for 18 months or wait for 7-10 days for BT to re-connect me, but have the pain of two teenage daughters complaining that they cannot do their home-work during that period. This left me with very little option other than to do 18 months with Plusnet, which was somewhat against my better judgement at that point!

To sort out this issue I spoke to a guy at Plusnet at about 6am, who treated me reasonably well, he gave me as much time as I needed to make the decision of re-joining with Plusnet, or seeking a new supplier. He also agreed to give me a month free as a good will gesture. I felt I had little choice other than to re-sign to Plusnet and this guy had built my confidence in them a bit more.

Broadband performance

Oh dear - what a very serious mistake I appear to have made!
The connection arrived 45 minutes later, which was great. BT previously provided 70-75mb/s and 15-17mb/s upload, which was also great and is about what I expected Plusnet to provide - they forecast 60mb/s. Plusnet managed 7.5mb/s download and 18.5mb/sec upload. This is a tenth of what BT previously supplied, which I guessed would be dreadful for the next 18 months, especially as I know that my connection can (and did as recently as yesterday) support the full speed of 75mb/s. My mood improved no end when I got an e-mail from the guy at Plusnet I had spoken to earlier, he had very quickly enabled a limited service, in case my kids needed to do any homework before going to school. That was very thoughtful.

I made a few phone calls to Plusnet and my speed was improved to 84mb/s download and 17mb/s upload.
Webpages are significantly more responsive and the annoying buffering on Lovefilm (via Sony Blu-ray player) has gone.

I hope that my account will illustrate that there can be issues, they do listen to you and they do try their best to sort them out and finally; their speeds are good in comparison to competitors. I am now pleased I joined, especially as they are costing me £13 less each month (this is on top of the £7 discount I get for the first 9 months).

07 November 2013

Reply from Plusnet

Sorry to hear about the shaky start Steve. Glad to hear you're happy with the end result though. Appreciate the feedback (good and bad).

Best regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Digital Care.


Very pleased - visit them first!

We bought an Asus laptop from Comet about a year ago, declining the extended warranties, as we never need them. At a year old, the laptop died, with the keyboard no longer working, just sending the same 5 strange charcters to the screen. After looking for a new keyboard, I was very confused about which keyboard to get and was facing a difficult decision, do I take it to a computer shop and pay £100+ for a new keyboard on a £299 laptop that is now a year old and probably worth less than £200 now. I googled for a few hours and all I got was keyboards of about £80, which for a DIY job was not looking good. I always avoid the Google ads, but was a Google ad from my searches and in some frustration at my lack of progress, I clicked on the link and found that for my laptop, there were numerous keyboards and advice to get the old keyboard out and check the model number. I took out the keyboard and looked for mine on the site, but could not locate it. I phoned and was advised which keyboard would fit my laptop and before the phone call ended, I was advised that the keyboard would be packaged, ready for my order. I ordered the keyboard from the website £13.99 (what a result). The keyboard arrived in about 36hrs, I fitted it, one working laptop, one happy daughter and one happy Dad, who saved a load cash.

My advice - your time and money are precious, visit this site first and repair your laptop at a good price and in double quick time, with the advice from people who know what they are talking about.


Very good

I have to confess that just about all of my furniture is Ikea, so I have shopped there a lot. When I had a delivery of £1,200 worth of their furniture 6yrs ago, which was ordered online, it was a very pain free experience. I had a cupboard door, which was of a natural wood colour and whilst not faulty, had too much red in the it, making it look odd to the other 3 doors. Ikea swapped this without issue. The quality of their furniture is also good, 6 years on, everything is still as good as the day it arrived. I like building my own furniture, as I customise the items to fit against my high skirting boards, so they fit flush to the wall. Very pleased.


Avoid - I have never visited them since

Harvey's had on a sale a few years ago, we visited them, ordered a sofa and got a delivery date. The day prior to delivery we confirmed everything was OK for the following day and the store confirmed it to be the case. I therefore took the old sofa to the tip and awaited delivery. No delivery came, so I contacted the store and was advised that my sofa had not arrived in the shipment. I pointed out that everything was green-lit the previous day. They said they could not help it and offered no solution as delivery would now be many weeks away, but advised that if I complained to head office, it would just result in an e-mail to their branch, which they would not act upon. I phoned head office, who sent an e-mail to the local shop, who ignored it. I made a complete nuisance of myself on the phone all day and eventually got the offer of refund, which I grabbed with both hands. That night I went to Ikea and explained my situation. They pulled out a really good sofa for £100 less than the Harvey's one, which also appeared to be of better quality. The delivery company delivered it that night because of the situation that Harvey's had put me into. I cannot say how good or bad Harvey's furniture is, but I hope for their customer's sake, that it is far better than their customer services. I have not stepped foot into their store since and never intend to in the future.

National Shower Spares

Very good service

Very quick delivery, good price, fixed my shower, could not ask for more.

Used regularly since 2002

I have used buyer regularly since 2002 and my order history is 7 pages long, which would be around 100 orders. Out of that, no one single thing has gone wrong, or had to be returned. This month I ordered a NAS drive NSA310 with a free HDD inside. It arrived in 2 days on the free delivery option of 5 days.

The NAS is great and fantastic value. I am a happy customer, but the more reviews I see of this company, the more my confidence is dented in making future purchases. I certainly do not want to to RMA anything if the reviews here are anything to go by.

I can only comment on my own experience, which has been good, but the negative aspects of other people's reviews need to be a thing of the past, not part of the companies future.

19 April 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I am very pleased to hear of your positive experiences over the years using Ebuyer.

I hope your confidence is not dented by the negative reviews on this site as we will always try to help our customers as much as possible with any issue they may have.

Thank you for your positive review, I hope we continue to receive your custom into the future.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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