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Things you don't realise you need till the emergency happens. My glass broke on Tuesday, I ordered because Fastglassdirect was far and away the cheapest by a large margin and I had no expectation of efficiency too. No postage was charged.
The glass was installed in my fire with all the necessary fittings provided by Thursday lunchtime.
In short use them with confidence if my experience is typical.

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06 December 2013

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We try our best but credit must also go to the Roal Mail who do a fantastic job for us.

I'm convinced

I regret to say I came to ProCameraShop as the most cynical cynic and I ordered from these guys with no expectation of satisfaction but, boy, was I wrong.

I was convinced that if it seemed to be to good to be true then it probably wasn't true, but guess what? It was true. The company delivered in a remarkably short time after picking up my order and kept me 100% informed as to progress and provided a link for me to track the order. The item, a 7d Canon, works perfectly so what more could I ask. After my horrible experiences with the borderline fraudsters at valuebasket this site was a veritable hurricane of fresh air.

You can use ProCameraShop with complete confidence if my experience is typical, and it does seem to be.

Can I just add it is a positively criminal injustice that the borderline fraudsters at valuebasket are still trading whilst this honest and efficient company were put out of business. Shame on all involved.

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To call it bad is to miss the opportunity to use the word "atrocious"!

Never, under any circumstances, use this firm for anything. I ordered a camera on the strength of reviews that said they delivered quickly and they instantly took the money off my debit card without dispatching the goods. I believe that action is illegal. They have consistently fobbed me off with what are now clearly stock responses and have made no effort to return my money. The level of service would genuinely embarrass an internet fraudster who was ACTUALLY stealing my money. I would have gone for the 2 star button but the form nature of the response and the clear intent to hold MY money as long as possible merits only 1 star. I have extensive e-mail trails to prove what I say is true. They may deliver something on time but I doubt it. I am mainly angry with myself for falling for it. I am nearly £900 down. Don't be next.

Let me just add the comment from the company on this and every other review also seems to be a stock response. Big of them to return my money when they should never have taken it in the first place.

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23 April 2013

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Hello John,

Thank you for your review, and we do apologise for the delays with your order. I can confirm your refund has been completed as requested, and funds should be back in your account. If there's anything at all we can be of further assistance with, please do let us know.

Kind regards,

Angel Liu

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