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I HAve bought two tickets from turkey to amsterdam on april 19 with direction of skyscanner on bravofly.com then i have received an emaşl which says reservation request received and it will be finalized in a few hours. Then i slept. İn the morning i checked my emails if they sent the confirmation but there was an email which said reservation will be confirmed in 24 hours. After that i thought i was rooked and tried to call customer service of bravo fly. İ called several times but no connection established. Then i reached customer service automatic message and told me to enter my CREDIT CARD NUMBER to talk customer representative and added there will ve no charg until i talk to a representative. Right after i enter my card number an sms delivered to my cell phone that PAGSICURO GRUPPOBRAVEF company charged me 0.50€ eventhough i didnt talked to anybody. Then phone call cancelled by bravofly saying all customer representatives are busy. I called my bank and cancelled my credit card after that because this situtation is extremely suspicious and applied a form that this was internet robbery to get my money back. 0.50€ is a very little amount but they took that money for nothing with saying they will not charge anything. Then i called the bank which i paid tickets by şts credit card if they charged the card for tickets and babk confirmed that they took the money fır tickets. I think i will not be able to get my tickets and my money already sent to bravofly. And i have to pay extra money for my every phonecall to bravofly customer service evenif nobody answers!!!!! What kind of a company is that. This is truly fraudulence. NEVER EVER ENTER BRAVOFLY.COM AND BE AWARE OF DANGER BE SURE THAT YOU WILL PAY FOR ONLY A POSSIBILITY TO GET TICKETS.

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16 October 2013

Reply from www.bravofly.com

Dear Emre Karakoyunlu,

We were very sorry to learn of your situation regarding the cost for the call centre. With regards to this we offered you a voucher to the value of €20 to be used on a future booking on our website and should you wish to accept this please let us know by email.

Your booking was confirmed the morning following your request and a confirmation email was sent to you at that point.

We do usually confirm bookings within 24 hours and in most cases immediately. Occasionally if we encounter technical difficulties with the airline or we receive a special assistance request it may take longer.

We remain at your disposal for any further questions and hope you enjoy your trip.

Kind regards, Sofia

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