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Simply Electronics Ltd.


I ordered a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM from Simply Electronics Ltd on 22/3/13, the web site said they had 3 in stock priced at £1,019.95. Delivery was 10-14 business days I paid by paypal and my account was debited instantly. After 12 days my order was still showing as "order awaiting dispatch, your order is pending courier dispatch". I sent an email asking why it had not been dispatched, thier reply was.
10 April 2013 04:57 PM
"Due to unprecedented demand for our products and services a few of our orders have been delayed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. This does not deter from the fact that we are doing our very best to ensure your order gets shipped out in the coming days.
To ensure minimal delays moving forward, we have upgraded all orders to expedited delivery service which means the parcel will reach your door step within 2-3 working days. As a further gesture of goodwill, we have included a free 3-in-1 Cleaning Kit along with your order. We hope this goes some way in restoring your confidence with us.
Your extended patience and understanding in the matter is truly appreciated, should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to let us know."

Two days later my order was still awaiting dispatch, I sent another email asking about the delay and got this reply
12 April 2013 07:39 PM
"Thank you for your email.
Given the sheer volume of orders coming through it is difficult to estimate a dispatch date. Rather than commit to a date and fall through, we ask for your extended patience during this time as we seek to fulfill your order. We have flagged your order for priority and will do our level best to ship it at the soonest available opportunity."

I immediately replied to this and was then told
12 April 2013 08:14 PM
" Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
We understand your urgency in getting this item. We are working diligently to ensure dispatch as soon as possible. We would also want to ensure that the order is shipped in good condition so we are doing a routine quality check. Rest assured that once the goods leave our warehouse, delivery can be expected within 2-4 business days. Please do note that all Simply Electronics purchases is sent via Standard Delivery."

So that is nearly four weeks to do a routine quality check and having been promised my order had been "upgraded to expedited delivery service" I was now being told all Simply Electronics purchases is sent via Standard Delivery.

Again I replied to this straight away and then received this three days later
15 April 2013 04:16 AM
"After some investigation, I understand the delay was caused due to backlog on our logistics end initially. Your order had been scheduled for dispatch earlier however during a routine quality check it was found that the Tamron B008 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD (Canon Mount) might be damaged. The decision was therefore made to halt delivery and return the entire shipment back to our suppliers for new replacements. I see that one of our customer service staff was suppose to contact you today regarding this.
Rather than commit to a date and fall through, we ask for your extended patience during this time as we seek to fulfill your order through alternative suppliers in the coming days ahead. The order has been flagged for priority already so it will go out as soon as stocks arrive."

I had not ordered a Tamron B008 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD, by this time I was getting worried and asked If I cancel my order, how long will it be before I receive a refund? To be told

15 April 2013 11:48 PM
"We are sorry to hear that you are cancelling your order with us.
Please send us a cancellation request. Go to our Contact Us section to find the Customer Service webform and select 'I want to cancel my order' from the Question drop down box.
for Refund please allow us 3-6 working days to process your refund. You will be notified by email once we have issued it. You may also track the status of your refund by logging into your SimplyElectronics Account.
The bank might need extra time to process your refund, so how long you have to wait may vary depending on your credit card company."

I had only enquired about cancelling my order, but following the above reply I decided to cancel straightaway and received this email
16 April 2013 07:31 AM
"We are sorry to hear that you still wish to cancel your order with us due to our services . Your feedback is very important to us as it is used to help us improve the quality of our products and services.
We would like to confirm that your order has now been cancelled and a full refund will be following.
Please allow a few days for us to process your refund. It can take up to 2 weeks on occasion for the refund to be initiated due to current processes we have in place. You can be assured that once refunded you will receive a courtesy email from us informing you of the credit."

So now, after being told it would be "3-6 working days to process your refund" this had changed to "up to 2 weeks on occasion for the refund to be initiated"
As I had paid via paypal, I raised a dispute for the payment and escalated the dispute to a claim and received my refund in less than 24 hours. I would strongly recommend than everyone avoids this company like the plague. Remember, If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

Within a few minutes of receiving my refund I placed an order for the same lens with [External reference removed] which was only £15.00 more
Order date: 17 Apr 2013 04:59
Delivered 19 Apr 2013 09.05
Now THAT is what I call service

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