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Hugely disappointing customer service from O2

A month ahead of a number of months abroad, I called O2 and agreed they would put me on the lowest tariff while I wouldn't be using any minutes or data abroad. I stressed that I would like this to occur in a month's time. It was actioned for the next day so I called again and was assured it would be sorted out and I would get a goodwill gesture. Upon arriving in Ecuador, I realised I had been overcharged by £50 for the month and my tariff was still the same as before. I explained this on a live chat and asked for it to be resolved - a refund and the original tariff change as requested. I then went on a few tours and double checked in Chile only to find my tariff still hadn't changed and no refund nearly a month later. I emailed on the only address I could find but this was a no-reply address so upon landing in Peru I did another live chat. This time I was told the tariff change would not be possible. I had been misinformed all along. I pushed for a refund and was told they would make a goodwill payment which works out to be a refund plus £3 for all the inconvenience. And, now I'm abroad I find out the lower tariff is not possible. Had I known this before I would have cancelled. I don't know what to believe any more - every customer service agent gives a different story and drops the ball. When I return I will be investigating other options as O2 has really let me down.

Holidays Please

Personal service, perfect holiday

HolidaysPlease gave my friend and I the perfect holiday with a personal service. Just what you need when you're tailoring the adventure of a lifetime in Tanzania. Rhian worked with us on a number of options and combinations via Jamie at Africa and Beyond until we came up with a tailored itinerary at a fantastic price. They certainly put the customer first. Everything went smoothly and we loved our Serengeti Safari - the luxury camping was awesome and the lodges were stunning. Zanzibar was absolute paradise at Breezes hotel - it's a popular hotel for obvious reasons and we're so grateful Jamie managed to get us in here. Coming back down to earth has been incredibly hard - thank you HolidaysPlease for the experience of a lifetime. I would recommend you to friends and family any day.

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