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STAY AWAY. If there is a problem they do not help

So I had a parcel booked for collection on the 27th of Feb. I stayed home from 8.00 - 20.00 and the parcel was not collected. I called parcel2go in the afternoon as I was worried that this would happen and they said that it would be collected and they did not even want to make sure. They just did not care.

So I had to contact them again the following day to get it collected. I had to change my work schedule and stay home another day. Very annoying. But this was a problem because it was collected one day later it would now be delivered one day later. A big problem, as I needed it delivered as if it was collected on the day it was supposed to.

I am really upset as this has happened to me before with parcel2go and I am just fed up with it.

SO be careful if you are on a tight schedule and you need things collected and delivered at set days. YOU CANNOT COUNT ON PARCEL2GO.

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03 March 2014

Reply from Parcel2go

Good morning Omar,

Thank you for your review on Trustpilot.

We are very sorry to hear that your parcel failed to collect.

I would like to take this opportunity to investigate your order.

If you would be so kind as to email me at I will be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards



Awful service once more. Very frustrated and upset

This is the second time we have made a purchase from bathstore. The first time they managed to deliver another customers bath and bathfiller to us. This time we made a small order of 3 accessories that we were going to pick up ourselves from the store in Guildford. Because we had a store credit a receipt was not given to us at the time of order because they did NOT know how to do this, but we were promised a copy when we collected the items. The items were collected today and one was the wrong one and we did not get any receipts. Now we have to spend more time dealing with this. They are absolutely useless. STAY AWAY.

10 October 2013

Reply from Bathstore

Hello Omar,

It is very disappointing to hear of the poor service that you have received from Bathstore. Your feedback is important to us and your comments have been forwarded onto senior management over the store for investigation internally. In the meantime, I understand that the store have been in contact with you to resolve these issues however, I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused. Should you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Customer Service Team
08000 232323


Stay away from marketplace sellers

I bought an item from a marketplace seller and after 24 days of waiting I still have not received it. The seller has my money and is not responding to anything. Amazon is now investigating this but will take 14 days before I get my money back. What is there to investigate??? Why does it take 14 days??? For the first time ever I am disappointed in amazon.

Non exsisting customer service

I orderd 3 lamps and never received an order confirmation. I asked for this and when I got it I could see that it did not mention what 2 of the lamps where made of. So I emailed again and asked. After one week and several other emails from me, I still have not heard back from them. So I decided to play it safe and cancel my order. I emailed them about this several days ago and I STILL have not heard back.

They do not have a phone number, so you cannot call them or contact them in any other way. Bad sign when a company does not give you a phone number to call.


UPDATE 6.9.2013

I have now received my payment back and am very pleased to have received it.

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06 August 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Dear Omar,

I would like to apologise for any late responses to your emails, however as you have spoken with on of my colleagues I would like to confirm the cancellation of your order. In addition your information has been forwarded to the finance department and you refund will be processed in 30 days.

I apologise for any miscommunication, our customer service team is working hard to ensure the needs of our customers our met.

Kind regards,


I have several domain names with and have been with them for many years. They are very expenssive and not competitive at all. But i have still gone to them very single time. Until you have a problem things are of course fine, but when you do have an issue it is bad.

They say that they have 24 hr live chat. That is not the case. This morning I tried for nearly one hour to get to someone on the chat (they do not have phone support, as they want to keep costs down, but why are they so expenssive?) And once you are on the chat it takes SO LONG for them to answer, I think it is because they are chatting with several ppl at the same time and something you could have answered in a few minutes easily take 20 min.

They have the WORSE absolute WORSE support and customer service. It is practically non existing. They only do chat and if you need real help you have to email support and they will answer you by email within 24 hours. I needed support so I emailed them, the person answering did not even read the entire email, just the first line, made up his mind about what the issue was and send me an email I could not use and then they see this as solving your problem and you have to start all over again.

PLEASE do not use this company. Also, they will enter you into a credit agreement and that could lead to further problems. Please STAY AWAY.

I will not start the process of moving ALL of my domains to another provider. A cheaper provider that has great service. is simply not competitive any longer.

22 April 2013

Reply from

Hi Omar.

Again thanks for your review.

As we have mailed about these last couple of days, the issues you were experiencing was due to you using DNS Web Alias, instead of DNS A Records. Our supporters made this clear to you several times, and tried to help you change this.

Unfortunately you decided to move your domain to another host in the middle of this, and then change the nameservers.
When you request a move to a new host, ASCIO will lock the domain and we won't be able to change nameservers in the first 5 days.
Our hostmaster contacted ASCIO and requested the change in nameservers to be done immediately. Fortunately ASCIO allowed us to change the nameservers immediately.

Our English support is online 24/7, but the danish support you requested is online all weekdays 9-18.
If you instead send us a mail, we will answer it within 24 hours. Mostly we will respond within a few hours. In your case we responded within 3 hours. But at that time you had already gotten help from our Live Chat.

When you order a domain and webspace at, you agree that the domain and webspace will be renewed every year. This is stated in the second paragraph of our terms and conditions. Several months before the renewal happens, we inform the customer about this again. Both on email and phone. This is so you as a customer can cancel your domain and webspace in due time. We don't want our customers to pay for something they don't want.

Martin /

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