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try the search function

Never in my life have I had such an awful experience with a retail sites search function!

Try it for yourself, the results often have no relevance AT ALL to the words you have searched for. The site is also slow and unreliable.

To add to this, I have used their reserve and collect feature only to find that despite it claiming their is stock, receiving an email confirming it is available for me, I then get to the store to find ive had a wasted journey.

Very poor experience, would definately not recommend


Its down far too often!

How many times can a site of a company who are supposed to be as big as orange, spend so much time unavailable??? I have lost track of the number of times I have wanted to check my account details, look at potential upgrades for my mobile, etc only to find "this service is unavailable" or other such errors on the site.

It has actually led to me just cancelling my orange mobile contract, along with the fact that as a "valued customer" I was offered absolutely nothing and I was able to get much better deals as a new customer elsewhere.

For a site that is there for customers to access their accounts, availability is VERY important and for that reason, I cannot rate the site more than 2 out of 5


All you could need!

Use this site very regularly! From checking reviews, to looking for films to watch and even for settling arguements! Its fantastic, great information and so well set out.


Not to be trusted

Got a phone on contract from them. It developed a fault very shortly after purchase. Took it in and they said they would have to send it off to be fixed, I expressed my disatisfaction at this due to it being in perfect condition but faulty I felt I should have had a brand new replacement due to how new the handset was, they said it has to have been attempted to be fixed 3 times before they replace them.

Found this disgusting, had to argue with them to get a standby handset while I waited for it to be fixed and they really did insult me by giving me something that was prehistoric!

When it came back they claimed it was perfectly fine and working but conveniently the battery was flat. Upon returning home and charging the phone I found it to be still suffering the exact same fault, they had done nothing!!!

Took it back again, same thing all over again. This time when I finally got a text saying it was fixed and ready (over 2 weeks later) I returned to collect it. This time I made sure I had a charger and tested it in the shop before leaving and found it still had the fault!!! I demanded that instead of being given this faulty handset that I receive a new one!

They gave me some ridiculous story of how they cannot do that, they have to send it off with a "recommendation" that it gets a replacement and it wasnt up to them it was up to the technicians repairing them. I then got told that they had agreed and my brand new replacement was waiting for me.

This time I got their to find the supposedly brand new handset, had a broken charging port on it when I opened the box right there in store. I complained at the manager who couldnt explain why it would have been like that but also couldnt explain why it wasnt wrapped or had the protection screens on like new ones would have.

Yet again a new one was demanded and again one provided but I still dont believe it really was a new one. Have since been informed by a former staff member that many of the phones they give as brand new replacements are in fact reconditioned as they dont feel they should have to replace faulty/damaged with new ones even if they are at fault!

Needless to say, I have not renewed or used carphone warehouse since. Their repair centres are useless and their insurance is worthless


Good prices, but unreliable

Have used them for years. They rip off their own customers though by offering amazing online prices, yet when you save them the hassle of having to deliver them and go to buy from the shop, they put on over inflated prices and cannot justify it when you ask them why.

In addition to this, I had a computer from there a couple of years ago. Asked for the memory to be increased which they offered to install for me free of charge, I allowed them to do this and picked up the computer the following day. It became the BSOD computer! (Blue Screen Of Death). I ran diagnostics and found it was faulty memory, but when I returned it to them and told them what the problem was, they refused to believe me but took it in for testing, a week later they told me it was fixed, denied it was the memory and I took it back. Again I had the same problem and this time was even accused of it being down to software I was installing... This was ridiculous as even the error code reflected faulty memory. Finally they tested it and eventually admitted it was faulty memory, they replaced it but I by this time had gone several weeks without a PC for something that was extremely quick and easy to fix.

While I will use them for small items when its convenient, I now make a point of trying to find alternative suppliers


its google! what more could you need?

Have used google pretty much since the day it popped up and it still continues to be fast, reliable and excellent for all those extra little bits you could need such as quick conversions or calculations.


Had originally tried funkypidgeon and after finding their custom picture controls awful and very unreliable, decided to try moonpig. I was not disappointed.

Editing cards, simple! Resizing, moving and just general controls for uploading and editing picture cards was excellent. Delivery was fantastic, came next day, well packaged.

I will definately be using them again.


poor picture functions

Im a very proficient PC user, but the controls for adjusting uploaded pictures was awful. Used Moonpig instead and it worked perfectly without me having to use an external program to crop and resize my pictures.
The selection of cards was good, but if you cant personalise your cards exactly as you want them, it makes the whole point of the site/company useless


if I could give them 0 out of 5 I would have

Took a day off to receive a new Iphone 4s (worth over £500), got confirmation of the delivery in the morning saying it would be with me some time before 9pm... appauling already I would expect it to be narrowed down a little more than a full 12 hour time slot!

Kept checking the tracking to see that as of 11:17am it was with the courier and out for delivery in my area. At 4:31pm it was apparently delivery AND signed for. I was home at this time and no delivery came, no card through my door, nothing. The name that had signed for is no one known to me so I wrote them an email and had no response, I called and the response I got was, "its probably with some neighbour, check with them"... When i asked which number it was left at, they couldnt answer as they did not know.

Reluctantly I did check with my neighbours, but no one has any knowledge of a package being delivered. I decided to skip the useless company and contact the supplier directly who chased up yodel. They were atleast given a bit more help with promises that they would contact the driver and get the full details from him.

Little suprise, apparently they have had no luck getting any details from the driver, I have had zero correspondance despite yet another email to them today to chase this up.

Yodel are part of Home Delivery Network HDNL and they are both awful. I would not recommend any company using them as it has reflected badly on the supplier when in truth they have been nothing but completely helpful.

They deserve 0, but unfortunately I had to give them a single star. How can a delivery company not know where items are being delivered? When its supposed to be a recorded signed for delivery?


Will not be using them again

Ordered a ride on car beginning of december, got delivery quite quickly. Box was in mint condition, yet inside it, the car was badly damaged bent in ways that just being in transit could not have done.
Reported this and provided pictures 9th december and had to email several times to get a reply. Was told I could have redelivery of a replacement the following week, heard nothing, emailed again and was told it would be dispatched the following friday 17th, now its weds 22nd and still heard nothing, no replies to emails and left with a damaged christmas present. Not impressed at all.

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