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Not like the other companies

IF you choose to use Bozowi then always send it recorded, sent my phone on the Saturday which arrived special delivery on the Monday at 8:30 didn't get the order received until I chased them. More than 24 hours later though they state they will tell you the same day its received.

Phone was downgraded as it was locked to a network, fair enough this is in their testing criteria and I didn't notice. Again other recycling companies don't care if its locked to a network just the condition of the phone.

I've asked for my phone to be sent back, for which there is a £10.00 charge, pretty much all the other companies are free next day. I asked for it to be sent back on Wednesday, its now Friday with no sign of the phone. I'm awaiting a call back from their office to advise where it is.

All in all the company are friendly enough to deal with but I feel they should be more in touch with what their competition offer in regards to people who are unhappy with their revised offers. If my phone had arrived special delivery from Royal Mail then I would have no cause to complain but when you pay £10.00 and they cannot confirm when it will be delivered? That isn't good customer service and leads to people leaving feedback like mine.

I will update when I get my phone back from Bozowi, Hopefully I will have a call back shortly.

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19 April 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Steve, thanks for your review and important comments.

With such a wide-range of recycling companies out there for customers to choose from, you'll find that we all have our own criteria when assessing and valuing mobile devices. At Bozowi, we make sure our criteria work for our customers so we can offer the best possible market prices for their devices.

We're not the only recycler that has a policy for downgrading network locked phones (, for example, follows this policy). With regards to our return charge, we want to ensure that we get your device back to you safely, so that return fee covers postage, packing, and goes towards the costs of having someone work in a returns role. You'll find that many other recyclers have this policy too, like Weeebuy, RecycleMyMobile, MyFoneRecycle,FoneHub and Cash4Phones to name just a few.

We regularly receive over 1,000 handsets per day, and it's currently not possible to give people tracking numbers individually. We know this is an issue and are pleased to confirm we're currently working on an automated system to email our customer their tracking details. We are approximately just two weeks away from this being implemented and are sure it makes a real difference in our customer's experience when using Bozowi.

You should also be getting a call from Customer Services on the number linked to your account to put your mind at rest.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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