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Unbelievably sloppy customer services

I have recently terminated my contract. Upon termination i arranged an agent to come and pick up my virgin equipment. I was also told over the phone of a early disconnection fee, which i had no problem with. However, i later received a letter from the company saying i still owed them money. As far as i was aware i had already paid the disconnection fee and outstanding bill at the end of the month in which i terminated, and was give no information to the contrary, in spite of several phone calls to myself from virgin media employees over the following weeks. To add further insult to injury, not more than a few days after receiving the letter, i received a phone call from a collection agency known as BPO. They informed me that my 'debt' had been given to them to collect. I promptly paid the agent on the phone.

I am extremely annoyed at this situation and the way it has been allowed to develop. I WAS NOT TOLD, AT ANY TIME, that i had a further payment to be made separately of my already established manner of payment i had been using for my bill. I am extremely annoyed that no further communication was made to me about the bill other than a letter, a day or so before the BPO agent called me anyway. As a result of this i had no time to pay the said amount. This is unfair trading and unacceptable to me as a consumer. I know we are in a technological age, but a simple phone call solves many problems. If they do not have the required staff to carry out this task, then that is their problem not mine. They should not simply sit back and rely on automated procedures. We are not robots.

Further to that, i received several calls over the past few weeks from Virgin agents attempting to sell me further products. So it seems they have the resources to make multiple phone calls to further your own ends, but very little to spare when it comes to customer satisfaction or well being. Noted.

Ridiculous. I wrote an official complaint.

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