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So we ordered a divan nearly a month ago. Nothing complicated. One turns up eventually with the inner drawer shattered. We try to call customer services - that's the first **** joke. You just try ringing them... first few days we hold for like 20 minutes eventually someone random says "oh you need to submit an email for that".. Later during the fiasco that followed I noticed they claimed their "phones are down", funny how you can ring them to PLACE AN ORDER, but not to talk to customer services. Total cowboys.

Anyway, we report the busted bed. Eventually someone rings me back days later and me sending countless emails through their stupid website (have you seen how many Internet domains they masquerade as by the way?). A replacement will be on its way... The day comes, my father-in-law staying off work all day for the 'replacement' to arrive, which turns out to be a courier just wanting to remove the old divan. No replacement. Thanks.

Several days of complaining later, and another delivery attempt, we get a completely wrong bed (not even the same bloomin size). We reject it on the spot.

They ask why? ho-ho

We try to contact them to arrange another... days later they say "Tuesday". My father says off work again...

I get a call on Tuesday from a lady explaining the bed is not going to arrive today because her colleague didn't put the order through.

I demand an instant refund. She says OK. I ask to be contacted on FRIDAY to confirm it, since we customers have no flipping way to ring these cowboys.

Thursday... a courier calls me to say he has a delivery arriving with us at 2pm. I think what? Sure enough, they turn up with what looks like the divan. Not a refund. We inspect it, and good job we did, it was the same broken one they tried to deliver 3 weeks before. We reject it.

A guy phones me today (Friday), not confirming my refund I asked for, but asking why I rejected the delivery. I said I'm furious, the company is incompetent and demanded a manager rings me and I hang up.

I'm taking action against them via Barclaycard and going to report them to Trading Standards. These guys are unfit to trade in my opinion, do not believe the positive ratings.. read the negatives and make your own opinion. I strongly recommend you take you money elsewhere and don't think about saving that extra 10 quid...

Oh and don't believe any nice apologetic reply that may appear below this from them, I am very annoyed as is my mother and father, and we are still out of pocket.

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