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Poor service from start to finish. Ensure to read the small print !

Hopefully you read this review this review, and those below, prior to engaging with this company.

I sent my Samsung Galaxy S2 on Monday April 2nd via first class delivery after being quoted £152. Delivery was confirmed by Royal Mail the following day. No email was received to confirm this from Bowozi however as they advise they will. In fact I received an emailing another 24 hours later stating that my handset had been recieved followed by another email only a few minutes later downgrading my original quote by over £100! I accept my handset was not brand new hence why I received a "used" quote. It is imperative that anyone who is considering using this company reads the small print in detail, you will for example have further reductions on your original quote by £17 if your phone is network locked and in theory your "used" phone should be in a brand new condition in order to recieve the quoted payment. In addidition to this if you decline the offer and wish to have your handset returned this will cost you £10 - incurring yet more cost. Of course this is if you are able to reach anybody in customer service. I have spent in excess of £5 attempting to contact this firm on numerous occasions. (The 0845 number provided is charged at a premium rate regardless of wether or not some body answers. Often the line will ring for 60 seconds before being disconnected). In addition emails between myself and Bozowi customer services have generally been generic and have taken 24 hours to recieve a response.

I accepted payment as I was already massively out of pocket and at this point I was willing to accept defeat and write off my entire experience with this dreadful company and even this took 7 days before funds where received in my account.

I will never use this company again and would advice others to avoid like the plague! If the management and customer service team where efficient at dealing with their customers as the individual or team who responds to poor reviews on this site then the company would no doubt be far more successful.

** regardless of wether the 0845 number is national or premium rate you fail to acknowledge the fact that I have incurred further charges as a result of your customer service department leaving my calls unanswered. Not even an apology Mr Bozowi?! I can't say I'm surprised.

As I've states previously my handset was indeed in a used condition and not pristine, hence why I did not request a "brand new" quote. You continue to hide behind your unclear and hidden terms and conditions!

However, your reviews and rating on trust pilot are clearly a reflection on your company and business style. I recommend you have a look at the pages on this site for Mazuma mobile for example who have an excellent reputation and reviews. I doubt you will remain in business for much longer if you continue to operate your business in such a poor manner.

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22 April 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Morning Mike, thanks for your comments. We'd like to respond to them.

With regards to calling us, our 0845 number isn't charged at a premium rate, but rather a local rate. You can check that against this guide provided by telecommunications watchdog Ofcom.


Our engineers work through the devices in the order they are received so if an item is delivered, as you said on Tuesday, it's not impossible that they'll work on that device the following day, depending where amongst the thousands of devices we accept every day it is.

The closeness of the emails you receive is as a result of our system sending out messages at regular pre-determined points during the day. So, for example, if a phone is logged at, for arguments sake, 12 noon, and the engineers deliver their results at 2pm, then both of those automated confirmations would go quite close together later in the day. It's quite a long process to identify all the issues that could go wrong with a handset.

The email you received flagged up that there were both scratches and screen burn for your device - when the phone is put into test mode, things like the digits of the clock and icons from your desktop are still visible, even against the white test screen. This does sadly significantly reduce the market value of a device.

We hope this has addressed the issues you've raised, and would welcome your response.

Thanks again for choosing Bozowi.

***Hi again Mike, if you fire us a message with the number you called from and when you tried to call, we'll happily check the call logs to investigate why you might have had such issues. We'd disagree that we're hiding behind T&C's as they explain that the issues we found with your phone could lead to a downgrade. We're also confident that after 14 years in the mobile phone recycling and telecommunications industries, we're here to stay. :) Thanks again for your comments***

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