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Shocking i will never use them again!

Just moved to a house using oil so our first order! Our oil was very low so it would not last long.
Ordered 500 litres via boilerjuice on 7th April but not quite quite spotted the outrages delivery window of two weeks until i completed the order. So they where saying delivery on 19th April or before.
I let the order continue thinking that they would deliver well before the 19th April.

On the 9th April we ran out of oil so it was a lot more urgent than i thought!
I called the supplier that boilerjuice had assigned to the order to try and find out a delivery date they could only tell me 17th April or before and said that i had to speak to boilerjuice for anymore info or to change delivery date.
I called boilerjuice no answer and i had to leave voice mail! they called me back a few hours later. I asked them when our oil will be delivered, they could only say on 19th April or before! I told them that it was little help to me as i have now run out of oil and need it asap. I was told if i pay another £30 something they could deliver in 3-5 days! i replied that is no help as supplier says they will deliver on 17th April or before any way. Again i stressed that we had run out of oil surely they could help out here! to which with voice tone of we are not bothered, i was once again told i could opt for the 3-5 day deliver if i pay more money. This is when i put the phone down!

I called the assigned supplier again in the hope that they would help, but same answer again from them 17th April or before and could not help anymore than that!

So our family of five had to sit it out with electric fires and boiling water for washing until they finally came on the 17th April with the oil.

Thank you boilerJuice for your complete lack of customer care and support and also to your supplier that also showed the same level of shocking customer care and support!


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