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They trick costumers to get them into contract

I've been nearly 4 years with Virgin after I thought was time to get a good tv pack for all my family, they told me, as a good client, I will get more tv channels than the ones I was getting, also they say that my bundle was costing like £48 a month, i accepted I fell for it, after the installation I had few new channels like nick, boomerang, cartoon... well I was happy with it, the 7 days try went on and I accepted the contract after 1 month, I have problems with the tivo box, there I found out that the tv pack was the same one I had for many years, I haven't received nothing they got me into contract by tricking me, or cheating and now they say that if I want to break the year contract I have to pay penalty.If I new they were wonderful speakers, but rubbish delivering, I don't think i could continue with them, they are really good in offering you many things, after when they get you, they say, SORRY WAS an Error. If any one get virgin check what they give to you if is more ask them, before the contract, if not you will be for 1 year, because that is what they want if not they also want the penalty money..
Malusa from Colchester

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