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Poor quality goods, terrible customer services

Ordered a Leather Super King Size Bed base in August 2012 which was delivered fine but to my amazement, when sleeping in it a couple of months later, the mattress fell through what was clearly a very cheaply made base, and I fell out of the bed hitting my head on the cabinet to the side.

Worldstores response, 2 days after sending pictures of the damaged base was basically, `oh we're out of stock, but you can have one similar' - no apology for me having to take time of work to receive collections/delivery or any compensation for my injury.

Anyway, that's not the end of the story, because guess what, the bed they sent as replacement in November 2012, that has just collapsed on me too, meaning I now have a bed being held in place by a car jack underneath.

Worldstores tried to wriggle out of paying me my money back claiming that refunds were not possible after owning something for this amount of time (4 months??!) , but eventually they agreed, providing I can dismantle the bed and repack for collection. Who keeps the packing from a bed?! So that's another day needed off work! Brilliant.

Clearly a badly organised online warehouse selling cheap crap. I wonder how long it will be till I get my money back?


Hi All,

The goods have now been collected but still no refund, so I thought I'd write a nice letter to the Directors and Founders of the Company. Feel free to use any of these details yourself to pursue Worldstores with your complaints! AN.


From: *******
To: <Private data removed>
CC: <Private data removed>
Subject: FW: TID 263676 Re: Cancellation / BW****** REFUND REQUIRED URGENTLY
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2013 09:29:28 +0000
<Private data removed>

<Names removed>,

Thank you for finally collecting the faulty goods from my premises 2 weeks after I complained.

As Directors of this firm, perhaps you'd be so kind to confirm why I have still not received the refund promised to me on Monday 22nd April 2013 at 5pm as advised by your call centre colleague?

I have taken 3 days off work this week to arrange collections, 1 of which was not properly arranged by Worldstores, 1 of which was aborted by the Courier Company despite advise from yourself, and the final one, which did not involve a knock at my door despite me being sat inside the house waiting.

In the last 9 months, you have supplied me with 2 faulty beds, both of which have collapsed whilst I have been sleeping in them, the first of which resulted in me sustaining an injury to my head. I have taken a total of 8 days off work to accept deliveries and collections from your firm, and have probably spent around 2 hours on the phone to you on 0845/premium rate numbers trying to sort these problems out.

You make the process even more difficult by disabling your customer services telephone escalation route, and forcing every customer into an email trail of support which is slow and inefficient and massively inconsistent.

As a Director myself, I cannot understand how you can - in this trading market - allow this kind of activity to happen?

I feel, genuinely, that this has been the worst experience I have ever suffered as a result of using from an online retailer. Perhaps maybe if you take to some to review some of the comments online about Worldstores, you will understand that there are droves of unhappy customers who feel they have been mistreated and owed compensation.

You have my bank details, I demand the money you owe me to be returned no later the end of Monday 29th April 2013. If it is not returned before this time, I will have no other option but to take you to court to reclaim the funds, as well as pursuing you for damages and compensation and contacting the National Press and Trade Associations, about this matter.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr Peter A Newham
07946 ******

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23 April 2013

Reply from

Dear Alex,
I am really sorry about the two beds that you have received. This is not a common problem so we will of course be investigating what has happened in these cases to make sure we are not missing anything and these products are fit for sale. I will be in contact shortly to make sure your order is resolved.

Kind Regards

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