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Blue Banana

Fantasic store

They have a great range and many unique and retro items.

Some items are a little expensive but everything is great quality.


Better rewards added but still not great

Have seen better rewards added but still mainly overpriced free advertising for coke and stuff that you either have no chance of winning or stuff you could get for free anyway.

Have just lost my password upon getting a new password have found ALL of my saved points are gone!!!Am extreamly dissapointed in CokeZone for such underhanded tatics to stop people from getting the reqrds they would prefer not to give away


Good prices but long waits for new releases

They do rent at good prices and the fines for late returns are cheap.

They only ever get one copy of a new releases so you have to wait for a long time to rent

They do need to do an overhaul of thier rented disks and replace older disks with newer ones.I would also suggest they keep track of how the disks condition is on leaving the store and charge those who damage the disk when it is returned


Get what you pay for

I needed a new laptop for college and to be honest i didnt have a huge amount of money to spend.

I bought a dell laptop online for around £150-£180 ,however it is very slow,came with very outdated windows(took an hour to update) and didnt have a cd drive, The laptop was not advertised as having one,but i had assumed that it would be a given really..When used for typing, it freezes a lot and causes me to loose work and it also becomes very overheated in a shot space of time

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i am not willing to sacrifice quality for price and companies that are lacking i will generally never go to again .