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DO NOT TRUST WAE! I am still waiting for a refund of £179.46 from WAE+ for an order i placed on the 5th March 2013.
PLEASE DO NOT make the mistake of ordering one of their "IN STOCK" products and definitely DO NOT pay via BANK TRANSFER as i stupidly did.

Please see my full interaction to date with wae below. If you have made the mistake of ordering from WAE like me,
i would not lose even more money by calling them, Their customer service team will LIE to you and just tell you what you want to hear to shut you up!

March 5th
I placed an order with WAE+ for a bluray player and graphics card paying by bank transfer. The bluray player turned up after a week but the Graphics card did not.

March 17th
emailed Wae+ enquiring about my order.

March 18th
Wae+ told me there was a 5-7 day delay.

March 31st
I emailed wae+ asking for a refund.

April 4th
I emailed wae again asking for confirmation my order would be cancelled and i would be receiving a refund.

April 5th
Wae replied asking for me to forward my account details so they could refund me which i did the same day.

April 16th
I emailed wae asking again for my refund.

April 22nd
I phoned Wae and was told i would 100% be refunded on the 5th May.

May 3rd
Wae Replied to my email saying my details had been passed over to accounts and i would be emailed when i had been refunded.

May 9th
I emailed wae saying that it has been over 2 months since i placed my order and that they had until April 12th to refund me or i would contact trading standards and start looking into taking legal action.

May 11th
Wae emailed saying my order was being investigated at top level and they are working to resolve my problem.

May 15th
No payment has been made into my account from WAE.
It is absolutely disgraceful that WAE is still allowed to trade! I am 100% certain that i will not get my £179.46 back unless i take legal action against WAE.

* So i finally got my refund on the May 16th. WAE emailed me saying that a technical issue with the bank was the reason for the delay and they thought they had already paid me! Blatant lies.

The best thing you can do is stay as far away from WAE as you can and buy your products from a reputable company that operate legitimately.

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