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worst company ever - STAY AWAY

I cancelled my contract due to them not being to match a deal with t-mobile, that’s where the problems started!

I received a text thanking me for upgrading, I IMMEDIATELY called them and advised I hadn't, and had cancelled my contract - they put me on to their fraud dept who advised my new phone was down to be delivered to London - advised I live in Manchester and had not ordered it -they confirmed they would cancel the order.

2 days later I received an email confirming it had been delivered - long story short and numerous calls later I was assured they had cancelled the contract, they were aware a new phone had been fraudulently obtained by another person and I would hear nothing further.

8 months later I receive a letter from a debt agency advising I owe £1500 - called them explained I had no contract with o2 and explained what had happened with the fraud dept, it was advised they would take this up with o2.

At the same time I wrote to o2 expressing my disappointment and asking for a formal apology, I have written twice since and am still waiting a response!

Today I have received a further letter from the debt agency advising they have been instructed by o2 to continue to pursue the debt - this in simple terms is harassment, as I owe them nothing and don't even have a contract with them anymore.

Simply the worst company I have ever come across and would advise everyone to stay well clear.

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