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customer service mayhem

I have bought a few wowchers and even though experienced a hint of the chaosness of wowchers customer service, i continued buying!! i cannot but admit that some of the deals are definitly lucrative.
I have encoutered a few problems with some retailers delaying shipping. [Link] in spesific was late 7 weeks and when i tried following up with them tgey refered me to wowcher which later and phone upon phone call (which added to my phone bill exactly £12!!!!) and was later asked to send the inqury/complaint in writing. I eventually got my pearl necklace and earing set with a note from [Link] apologising for the late delivery and that they didnt have the matching earrings in stock so they sent a complimentery replacement!!!!!!! i didnt know to laugh or cry at that moment!!! I was very upset with that wowcher and genuinly regretted buying it. I did follow up with [Link] to send me the earrings i ordered and they confirmed that it will soon be in the post...that was 3 weeks ago and i still havent recieved them :((

My main complaint is about retailers and shops not honoring their deals and dicounts....[Link] made me buy a full price adults meal for my 11 year old sister to compensate on the deal buffet for 2!!
[Link] made resecdule our appointment for the hammam twice and blamed it on technichal problems and then refused to accomodate us until a month later!!!! And on the day we were supposed to go in they called my mates to reschudel AGAIN due to a double booking!!!! I was fuming by that point so i went in and sat there in the salon for nearly an hour argipuing my way back into their appointment books!!! They did keep our appointment for tge same day by the end of it all! Having said that they did treat us reall nicly on the day of pamper. I was just upset that they would prioratize other customers appointments just beacause they didnt have discounts!

Wowcher should ensure happy customers regardless of what the deal is and whom its obtained from!

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