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Hudson Reed USA

I have been trying to resolve my complaints with Hudson Reed since 6/2011, and have been refused help and ignored.

Don't be taken in by appearances and what seems to be a terrific warranty. An exposed shower system installed in the summer of 2006 began to break down in 6/2011. It had a 10 year warranty. I contacted HR at this point. Various "nanoreps" <Names removed> refused to honor the warranty by providing new parts or a new system altogether. They seemed to be able to diagnose my problems with their product from their offices in England. and told me that if the product was defective, it would have failed sooner. I wrote letters and spent over $60. on an international phone call, with no satisfaction. The shower temperature could not be regulated, the hand held shower would not stay securely in the holder, so it would fall if you brushed by it, and its head became dented. Early on, they did send me a new hand held shower head at no charge, but that was it. Even the arm for the shower rose began leaking upward spraying the combination vent and light we had installed in the ceiling. The shower was non-functional, but with some adjustments that damaged knobs and other parts, we can use it. My husband replaced the shower arm with a copper pipe. It is our only shower and we are embarrassed when guests need to use it, but at least we don't scald or electrocute ourselves. I gave up the warranty fight. I contacted HR again in 8/2012 to see if I could purchase replacement parts so at least we could fix some of the cosmetic issues. In 8/2012 I contacted another nanorep, <Name removed>, to request replacement parts. He never got back to me. I emailed Aaron back, and another rep named <Name removed> on 10/2012 and again on 12/2012. No replies. The dual shower system is behind a tiled wall. My only alternative seems to be to rip out the wall and buy something else. We are not ready for the expense of another bathroom renovation. Do not buy anything from this company. It may work and look pretty for a few years, but don't expect it to last, and don't expect any help from their nanoreps. I guess that's the reason they don't call them customer service representatives.

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23 April 2013

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Dear Denise,

I am very sorry to read your TustPilot review.

We always strive to assist customers in anyway we can and I am very sorry that in this case it appears you have not received the full benefits of our customer services team.

I have contacted you both by phone and email today and I look forward to hearing from you in the hope that we can resolve this issue for you immediately.

Kind regards,

The Hudson-Reed Team

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