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Never use this Company!!! UPDATED

I was excited by value basket, and gladly placed my order after reading many good reviews (which I now regard as dubious). I waited and I waited. Their website says orders are dispatched within 3-5 business days, then delivery in 7-10 days.

2.5 weeks after ordering, I keep getting similar responses saying that it will be dispatched next week (and it is Monday today, so more than another week). That was what I was told a week ago, so I was expecting dispatch this week.

Other emails contradict what they have told me before. I'm starting to think they have a range of standard replies that they cycle through, usually not answering specific questions that you ask. The latest excuse is too many orders and stock being allocated on a first come basis, yet when I ordered the camera it said there were four in stock, now the website says six in stock, so I cannot see how this excuse is valid.

The upshot is that I don't trust Valuebasket.com to have the camera to me before we go away, so I have just cancelled the order. I just hope I can get a refund very soon so I can place a new order with a company who actually carries through on the promises they make.

UPDATE: It is now one week since I cancelled my order. When I cancelled it, I said that if I didn't get a quick refund, I would go to the Police, MasterCard and the Trade Commission (which I would have, and still might). I cancelled last Monday, and have my refund. The night I cancelled, I went online and found the same camera at another company (also in Hong Kong) through Ebay.com.au. This camera was the same but NZ$60 cheaper and included a case, 16gb SD card, a card reader and a screen protect as free gifts (plus an adapter). I ordered and paid last Monday night, and today (the following Monday) it arrived in perfect condition with everything included). I find it ironic that this company could get me the enhanced and cheaper camera from Hong Kong in one week (and NZ isn't as easy to deliver to as UK or US and I'm not in the main city!), something that was apparently too hard for ValueBasket.

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