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picking up and returning any time of the day (or night)

Everything went smoothly with my hire. Particularly liked the picking up and returning any time of the day (or night). Not a lot of companies are open on Sundays, so if you need a van for a couple of hours on Sunday, you have to hire it from Saturday and return on Monday. And you end up paying for two days. The concept is new, so , obviously, there are some teething problems. But overall, I had very good experiance.


BEWARE!!! The worst cutomer service in the country!!!

BEWARE!!!!! the worst customer service in the country, arrogant, useles.
I was trying to buy a pram from them and before placing an order I wanted to find out some details. But this woman I was talking to was not helpful at all, so she switched me over to her manager, who was arrogant and got the amp every time I was asking something.
The next day I got a call from them informing me that they can not proceed with my order because they carried out some kind of checks on me and their checks did not show me being registered at the address I have given for delivery.
YOU WHAT?!! CHECKS?!! What checks? Who gave you permission? There is no mention of it on the website!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I did not know I have to be on the electoral register to buy a pram.
After trying to speak to their manager(the same arrogant woman), I gave up. She actually shouted at me.
Very stressfull experiance. Avoid!!!
Their prices are attractive though. Here is what you can do.
A lot of stores do a price match (John Lewis and Mothercare among them)
I got my pram in the end from John Lewis for the same money but with no aggro.

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