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Tesco worst customer service ever

We had an order cancelled at 7.00 on Sunday night 07/04/13 so no other supermarkets were open so we had no shopping for the week. I put together a letter and email it to them and I have still not had a reply from Tesco letter below

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am extremely annoyed about the way Tesco has let us down. When you read what happened I am sure you will be just as horrified.

I was going to write a letter of complaint to your Chairman and send it by recorded delivery. After speaking to my daughter I decided to email you first and give you the chance to restore my faith in Tesco’s before taking the matter further.

My daughter always orders the weekly shop on line and we normally have it delivered between 8am and 9am on a Saturday. This week my wife and I were away until Sunday afternoon so the shopping was ordered for between 6pm and 7pm on Sunday.

When there was still no sign of our shopping after 7pm on Sunday my wife rang your helpdesk and spoke to Darren a customer services manager. Instead of making matters better they were made much worse.

My wife was told the order had been cancelled she asked why and by who but Darren did not know. She was horrified. She was put on hold. Darren came back and said the delivery vehicle had broken down.

My wife asked the obvious question why no one had bothered informing us. The reply was I don’t know. My wife passed the phone to me I asked Darren why you could not have used another vehicle. At that time on a Sunday night there must have been several vehicles parked up.

Darren cut me off and said I am telling you about the store. Thinking I had got it wrong I said so the problem was with the store not the vehicle. Darren said the problem was caused by a vehicle breakdown.

I replied the question is still valid why you hadn’t used another vehicle. Darren replied it was not just a vehicle you needed but also a driver. I pointed out the obvious that you had a driver for the broken down vehicle. That driver could have driven one of the other vehicles.

It became obvious that Darren was not helping the matter. Darren then said the delivery could be rearranged. I pointed out we urgently needed milk and also bread and meat for three lots of sandwiches for the following morning.

I passed the phone back to my wife because she knew if and when she wanted the order to be delivered, Darren then became very off hand and said. I want to talk to one person not two. Well pardon me we are the ones that have been left without food on a Sunday night when all the supermarkets are closed. It must have been much worse to have to speak to two people.

Customers need to be able to rely on you. I know the vehicle breakdown could not be helped, but you could have handled it so much better. To just cancel the delivery without informing us I am sure you will agree it is totally unacceptable.

As I tried to point out to Darren I am sure all your vehicles were not in use at 6pm on Sunday.

Customer services are supposed to at least try to make things better Darren made it much worse. As you know it is not what someone says but how they say it.

My daughter has received an email from you. No explanation of what went wrong or assuring us you will do your best to deliver our order if it ever happens again. Not even a promise that in future you will bother to inform us if there is a problem.

Your email did contain a voucher for £6 off our next shop. We had used a £5 voucher off the order that you failed to deliver that is now lost. We also prepay the delivery charge. During the recent bad weather you cancelled our order. We understood why even though we managed to drive to the store in Wrexham. It did not alter the fact that we lost out on the prepaid delivery twice. Not a very good deal.

Can you imagine our horror finding out after 7pm on a Sunday night that your entire food order had been cancelled? Any other day of the week ok but Sunday night when all the supermarkets are closed. What were we supposed to do?

As I am sure you know a company’s reputation is hard won and very easily lost. People need to trust you to deliver what they order and deliver it on time. If they can’t trust you they will go elsewhere.

I am hoping you can restore my faith in Tesco’s, Supply a valid explanation of what happened and reassure me that if I continue to shop with you I will never be treated so badly again.

If not I will be sending a copy of this email with a letter by recorded delivery to your Chairman. On the 8th April “You and Yours” on BBC Radio 4 broadcast a feature about why Tesco price match is misleading. I am sure they will do a follow up. If the follow up feature mentions that customers also cannot trust you to deliver their order it will make customers think twice about using your company.

It’s up to you now you have the opportunity to put all of this right.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ken Smith

A very angry (and very probably) ex customer

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