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Cash My Fone

It seemed too good to be true - and was!

I looked on a comparison site to see how much I could get for my Blackberry, Cash My Fone was offering £79 which was much more than any other so it looked like a brilliant choice.
The website was easy to use but having since gone through the order process it is very misleading. It asks if your phone is brand new, used and working or used and not working. It's not very difficult to decide which one of these my phone I chose used but working (which is was).
Having completed the order it said to send off the phone, I even received a jiffy bag after a couple of days because I hadn't sent it yet. I was impressed by this as the website stated it didn't provide them.
Having sent the phone a week later I received an email stating there was an issue with the order, and that the phone is not in a good enough condition to receive the full payment. I had the phone around 1 year, it was kept in a case the whole time and looked like new. Sooo they offered me a lower price for the phone, which I could have quite easily got elsewhere much quicker. This is very sneaky and tactical which I don't like, they offered an unrealistic price and then said the conditions did not adhere to the standards they have so then offer a much lower price. I accepted the offer as it would have been too much effort asking them to send it back. (Although, I spoke to a friend after about this and they refused the offer given to them and ended up receiving the full payment. Wish i'd have known that!)
So to summarise - They were deceiving, took a long time to process the order and then took even longer due to their 'issues' with the phone. They still haven't paid me the money which was supposed to be in my bank in 48 hours, I received a confirmation email Friday morning and it is now Monday night. Overall a bad experience and I would't use them again.
Lesson learnt - Go with a well known site and don't be greedy!

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