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Since your organization was the single largest factor in selecting Blue Horizon Movers, the worst and most unprofessional organization have ever dealt with, I think that your service is quite poor.

Simply put, Since your service led me to BlueHorizon Movers, the worst and most unprofessional service I have ever dealt with, I would say that your service is terrible. I expected that your service did some level of vetting and due diligence to weed out scammers and irresponsible/unprofessional entities that take your customers money and deliver nothing that they promise. This did not happen.

Every piece of furniture was damaged or destroyed. My child's toys and books were lost. The mover refused to take my calls or answer them once they had my money. They lie regularly. They doubled their price once they had possession of my property. They showed up 2 hours late and exceeded the guaranteed deadline by more than an hour causing me to be on the hook for an additional month's rent. Basically, they did nothing right. Since you were the primary source for finding them, I think you be aware of the firms that you are directly or passively referring and share some responsibility for the damage, loss, frustration and outrage they they have caused.

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