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Rogers Steals Money from Customers - Consistent Overbilling with Impunity!

After 12 years with Rogers, enough is enough! I switched to a new tiny company Wind Mobile. I want to give it a try because Rogers, Bell and Telus have to have more respect for their customers. Below describes my experience with Rogers.

Frequent overbillings of various sizes, time after time after time! From charging twice for the same service, to "forgetting" to stop billing for the cancelled channels and packages, and so on.

A polite representative always (most of the time) apologized and promised to credit my account for the amount of "mistaken" billing. Then, next bill comes.. and in addition to the overbillings from the last month, there will be new overbillings for the next month! This was not an isolated case, but Rogers does it systematically.

After a certain point in time, I started revieiwing my Rogers bills (2 Cells + Cable + Internet) line by line every time and had to call them every other month to fight for my own money that Roger was trying to steal from me by overcharging.

Ultimately I told Rogers representatives, enough of this, Rogers has to pay too. I demanded that that Rogers returns my money + the same amount for trying to steal it from me (consistent overbilling "mistakes"). I was told "we don't do that". Certainly! Rogers will only try to steal your money, with zero downside! This is a free option to steal that Rogers feels it is entitled to, but I disagree.

This is a truly asymetric situation where Rogers' business model is to systematically overcharge its clients in the hopes that these clients do not check their bill, do not feel comfortable to call, or not able to fight back for their own money. This "policy" is certainly great for Rogers' profit margins and is only possible due to the fact that there is no true competition in commnications sector here in Canada.

Ultimately, at my cell phone contract expiration date, I switched to Wind Mobile. And guess what, my very last Rogers bill came in $300 higher than it should have been! I spent an hour on the phone with the representative (not so polite after I left Rogers) who, after crediting me for $200 was rather annoyed with me trying to get my money back. When I went through my statement line-by-line, and pointed to him at one of the overcharges, he literally told me "sir, do you realize that we are fighting over $4.75..." What else can I say. Avoid Rogers if you can, they are thiefs!


Consistently Unacceptable Level of Service!

Multiple and multiple accounts of Purolator not delivering parcels!

Purolator did not call my cell as instructed, did not bother going in the
building even though my superintendent testifies he let the delivery person
in the building. My wife and I were home all the time caring for our new
born baby. There was no paper notice left in the mail box either. I only
received an automated call requiring me to pick up my parcel from a
warehouse. Ultimately, instead of spending my time off work by assisting my wife with a few-days-old baby, I had to drive around town and collect my parcel from the Purolator warehouse.

Purolator has consistently not delivered the parcels to my home, instead,
telling me to pick the parcels from their warehouse. This happnens every
single time I expect a message from Purolator.

The delivery persons ignore the notes I left on the file in
regards to the phone numbers to call and other delivery instructions.
Purolator's understanding of delivery is to collect the money for the
delivery service and then simply make the goods available for pick up at a remote location. What an interesting business model! Rip off!

My experiences with Purolator over the last years have been horrible,
unfortunately, can't opt for another delivery method with some of my shippers. Purolator is a warehouse, not a courier service and I will try to avoid dealing with Purolator in the future whenever possible.

One week after I filed the above feedback with Purolator, they have done it again! Awful company! Shippers be aware that your clients on receiving end are not happy. Please choose another delivery company that actually delivers the goods.

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