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Even one star is too much

This company is quite honestly the worst company ever to grace us with its presence. After 18 months of paying for cover, my laptop case broke and I needed to send it off for a repair. My 1st problem arose when I went to my local PC World store. Upon telling me that my entire case needed replacing and it would take 2 weeks to repair, apparently collections are only picked up on Sunday's, being Tuesday, I would have to give it in, wait till Sunday for it to even be collected, then wait till the following Sunday for it to be delivered back to the store, and I wasn't able to collect it till the Tuesday. Whilst in store I requested a courtesy laptop, as it is a service provided by the cover, but you can only receive a courtesy laptop by calling the knowhow number and getting the broken laptop collected from your home, which in my opinion is the stupidest thing. Would it not be more useful if they could actually do the repairs in store, and had courtesy laptops in store so when a person had a problem they could get what there money payed for instead of being messed about? apparently not.
Due to the break getting worse, I called up again and requested that the laptop is collected for repair. Obviously, as they were taking something off me, they arrived the next day to collect the laptop. Answering the door to a collection man who wreaked of yesterday's beer and kebab and didn't utter one word to me, even ignoring my questions regarding the courtesy laptop he was meant to be giving me. I had to walk up to the van and stop the other man who was driving in order to get answers to my questions. Turns out they didn't have a laptop for me, and the only way I could find out why was to call the number.
I called the knowhow number for the third time in a week and found out there were no courtesy laptops available and instead of telling me, just decided to hide it from me. I asked when would be available but they couldn't tell me, which makes me wonder if they actually have any? Other people I know who have requested courtesy laptops have never received one either.
A week passed and my laptop was being returned. They called me to tell me it would be returned at between 7 and 9am, but it arrived at 2pm, luckily I was home or I would never have see that laptop again. the delivery man had another surprise for me, they didn't bring my power cable back. YAY NOW I HAVE A LAPTOP I CAN'T USE!!
I called up the knowhow number (at this point saved as number one in my speed dial) they went on to tell me that they do not have one in stock and I would have to wait between 2 and 4 weeks for a new one to be sent. So basically I have a useless laptop for a month. I complained but they could still not solve my problem, so I am going to have to put my hand in my pocket again and replace the power cable. No doubt if I go to PC world they will not have one in stock!!
My advice, buy online, and if you want insurance, use an outside party, don't trust knowhow and don't waste your money.

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