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Misleading advertising - poor customer relations

Company seems legit, however they fail to inform new customers that the first order may be delayed, while plastering their site with "buy today play today" style adverts. while the information regarding delays IS on the site, its not apparent, hard to find and most definately NOT told to new customers signing up.

There seems to be no attempt at informing customers that a delay has happened, though they say the main reason is an automated system flagging for manual review which could easily send an email to the customer (like they do when you create a new account with them) so you are left with no email, no information as to what the hold up is and they do not seem to respond quickly to being contacted. (as of this moment it has been 21 hours since attempt at purchase,19 since first attempt at contact via website form and 17 since email to CS)

I would NOT RECOMMEND this company to people looking to get a quick download for the first time, if you feel they may carry many games you want then sign up and give it a good few days while waiting for their checks and responses. what is also confusing is how the company

For the fact that the company has flagged this as "not from an actual customer" my order number was " Order #38684" please refer to your records for this.

30 April 2013

Reply from SC Trade Group Pte. Ltd.

The product you've ordered was temporarily out of stock.
Our Anti Fraud system doesn't queue orders anymore. That's outdated. They either get declined or processed right away.

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