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really slow, dont bother answering the phone and pretended my bank details were wrong

i sent my blackberry curve over a week ago which took a while for bozowi to acknowledge. could have been the royal mail so not too bothered about that. but they say they send an email when they receive it- they didnt.

downgraded the cost by £5 which was fine, and i accepted. then got an email saying 'my bank details were wrong and the payment had 'bounced back'. they werent- i know my bank details and they definitely werent wrong. tried to call bozowi but of course they dont answer the phone. whats the point?

anyway, updated bank details to the exact same bank details (which are correct) and will see what happens. not holding up much hope due to the other reviews but im owed money so hopefully theyll pay me ASAP.

one other thing. i was happy to accept the £5 downgrade to network being locked but theyve now automatically downgraded it again to by a further £5 without any warning, email or advising why.

bozowi- care to explain?

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