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I cant help but to scream at them

i joined talktalk because of cheapness, before i even got keys to my house id put an order for broadband and telephone.
There was a huuuge delay which resulted in several complaints, each time i was palmed off with goodwill gestures of money. So £90 of credits later it finally came to the day my broadband went live...
DELAYED!!! by this time id utterly had enough of them, and caled to cancel, but a helpful british agent offered me the TV package for a really good price... i couldt refuse!!
3 days later and my broadband was live, but no sign of TV package... i called up to ask where it was and was told that due to speed i wasnt entitled to the TV service. i was very angry by this and spoke to someone from the misselling team, who advised me due to the problem, i could leave free of charge. nice!
2 days later and my broadband went off, i called them about this and got told i hadto buy a landline in order for them to do the checks.
Im since being told by talktalk they refuse to "guarantee broadband" since im on wireless connection.. this is by an apparent amanger... So... unclear as to my options, as my complaints dont seem to go anwhere (i currently have 10 open complaints) it seems as though i may be going to another provider and my £90 of credits are totally worthless and the last 3 months have been for nothing

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