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UK Juicers

It's big, but the results are beautiful!

Introduced to Juicing by my Brother in Australia he eventually persuaded me to invest in my own machine. Slightly confused by all the claims on the web of "this is the original", "this is the best", finally settled on the Greenstar although I thought I was getting German engineering; in fact the machine was made in the Far East! Slightly surprised to see the amount of plastic in keys areas - such as the non driven end of the crushing gears, but I guess time will tell how robust it is. It is also a big beastie, my wife was not too pleased with the amount of room it takes up on the worksurface, but now I've found a cupboard in which to store it, all is calm on that front.
But what about the end result - brilliant as far as I'm concerned. I'm no expert in regard to the ratio between juice and pulp, but there is plenty of both! Taste of course is a matter of what you stuff into it so I'll just keep practising, could have done with a little more guidline on benefits of various compinations of veggies/fruit, particularly with regard to recommended daily allowances, don't want to end up green, red or purple, but hey ho there's always the internet!
The mechanincal operation is pretty straightforward, although I've found if you try and stuff too much into the feed shoot at one time some things are difficult to push through. Cleaning the bits is the biggest pain of all. Lots of compressed pulp in nooks and crannies and to get the stuff off the filter mesh is an absolute pain, but I guess that's just the nature of the beast.
Overall I'm very pleased with the machine and its capabilities, the ordering and delivery process was very efficient; as for the beneficial results of drinking all the various conconctions - you'll just have to see if I'm still still around in my eighties - here's hoping!!

Victorian Plumbing

It's what happens after you've paid your money that really counts....!!

Nothing is straightforward in this life and, despite the best laid plans of mice and men, things do go wrong and Customers do change their minds!
I first aproached Victorian Plumbing through the internet and quickly decided to use the call centre service as I needed help in deciding precisely which gizmo I needed to make my choice of toilet, bath, shower and basin actually function - it turns out you need to order plugs, pipes, traps, taps, adapters and God knows what else. The lady I was fortunate enough to speak to on my first visit had all the credentials I needed - knowledge, patience and the ability to make me feel like I was important to their business.
I was in a hurry too, so her assurance that the majority of my order was immediately available was encouraging. Sure enough the goods were delivered within the promised turnround time of a couple of days. The Burlington range I selected lived up to my expectations and looks and feels like a quality product. Unfortunately, due to the brochure not clearly indicating that there was a ledge along the side of the bath to accommodate the taps, I had made a mistake in ordering this particular model as I planned to have wall mounted taps and the bath would have just looked stupid as it was.
No problem, the bath was duly taken back and great effort was made on my behalf to source another bath meeting my wife's demanding specification; albeit one couldn't be found in the style and size that would allow wall mounted taps. A suitable alternative bath was however secured by Victorian Plumbing within a couple of days. Unfortunately the bath was delivered with the wrong feet and the Company supplying Victorian Plumbing refused to accept that this was in fact a possibility! A delay ensued because photographic evidence of the wrong feet was required before the supplier would consider a replacement. Throughout this rather unhelpful process Victorian Plumbing kept me fully apprised of progress and could not have been more helpful. They also made the necessary change from wall mounted to bath mounted taps without a hitch.
Overall I have been very impressed with this Company, it has helped that I live not very far from Victorian Plumbing's base and they have been able to fit in my delivery drops quite easily, but their overall attitude to Customer service and the execution of their commitments has been first class throughout.

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