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Silver Shuttle

Kicking myself for not using this service before..

Every month for the last 8+ years I'm off to the airport, and always I have always looked for the cheapest option, long-term or off-site parking... 9/10 times off-site wins.. This occasion I was between cars, so had to look at alternatives.. Bus, train, wife (heaven forbid), or taxi.. I have always ruled out taxi's as the 'extravagant/expensive' option, but the first 3 options were unfeasible due to timings.. Begrudgingly I started looking at the taxi option.. Firstly I was surprised at the cost, yes, it was more than off-site parking, but not by much, and once I had considered the fuel, the time spent waiting for the transit bus (I have waited up to 90 minutes before), it was a no-brainer.. My last concern was the reliability... Emails before the date confirming everything, an email & sms the night before confirming the pick up time, email and sms the morning of the pick up.. so far so good.. My driver arrived 20 minutes before the allotted time, all was perfect so far... That just left pick-up.. again the night before I received an email & sms, again in the morning, and within 10 minutes of landing (20 minutes early) I had messages confirming the pick up time.. Everything went like clockwork, I was waiting a grand total of 10 minutes between emerging from arrivals and meeting the driver..

Great service, and one that I will use on many occasions in future..

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