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Cash 4 Phones

Worst company ever high price con service

Envelop arrived fast, quoted 66.60 for a blackberry 9700 , which was in decent condition aesthetically , but functionally had no issues what so ever ....
The story begins , "non powering up not functioning" said cash 4 phones ... so me being i ,asked for a review of testing as the phone worked perfect before it left my clutches and had the general wear and tear of a 18 month contract. Days went by on , no reply, felt like this company was nothing but a lie... Joking aside .. I had a reviewed offer which had gone up by ....hold yourself u may fool over ...1 pound of the queens finest and my phone was work just heavy wear.... Shock horror decline there offer £8 + for my own phone to be returned to me .... Was this a joke a tongue and cheek way of saying oh we tried to con you and we nearly had ya , ye little critter ... Decided to decline again and was shocked to find I'd been credited 20.40 ... Those tooth fairys ay who would have them.
On a serious note this company have a very uncanny way of trapping incident people or dumb ones like myself , who fail to conduct general research on these bogus companies that look to good to be true when will we learn there is no such thing as a bargin.
Avoid at all costs stick with big companies.

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