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Welcome to eBay! Where the company not only allows, but supports buyers to scam sellers!

I sold a Gibson Les Paul guitar on eBay from Hawaii via standard post. I let the buyer know the shipping was going to take 3-6 weeks. The buyer complained saying that something was wrong and that I did not a actually send an Item. Then the buyer escalated the case. eBay instantly refunded the buyer in full an expected me to pay for it. I have called and explained my situation 10 + times to many people and specialists that eBay has directed me to. Finally they said I should fax them proof that I sent the item (as if the tracking # wasn't enough) I called the shipping company I used to send the guitar, they sent a fax to eBay of my receipt. 5 Days later I called again, eBay never got it. I double checked the fax # with them and it was correct. eBay told me to fax it again and assured me they will be looking out for it. In the mean time eBay has frozen my account and I'm getting threatening eBay messages saying if I don't pay they will report my account to collection agencies. And of course, the buyer got a free Gibson Les Paul guitar.

- So the buyer complained a little and eBay refunded him without thinking yet I(as the seller) have to pull teeth to get anything done.

-I am still trying to resolve this issue... I will never sell on eBay again.

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