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The Review Company From Hell

How does TrustPilot have the nerve to review other companies? They never call or email you back when you problem goes to management level you simply get some automated response. We run a family business called 99nutrition and trustpilot allowed a review from someone that was never a customer of ours but was that of a similar business in the same building. We spoke to the business concerned called FitStop Supplements it was their customer and they wrote to trustpilot but were ignored as we were. They supplied the receipts to trustpilot that the complaining customer was treated fairly and within company guidelines and the 1979 sale of goods act but not only did they feel the review was fair even thought the customer was at fault but it was about the wrong company. We have sent proof as has FitStop but the review remains posted which is liable but as a small company we cant afford a huge legal bill over a silly review. The company sends us the same automated reply and it looks like an nonfactual and liable review will remain posted. I have spent 5 hours trying to review 2 companies and its ruined my day off. The TrustPilot site wouldn't allow me to post either it wouldn't allow me to log in or it would say whoops try again, they sent many many new passwords but they didn't work , i used a pc a laptop and my blackberry so the problem couldn't be my end, I was determined and 5 hours later! Their site is hard to navigate, I tried to open a new account but it would allow me to sign it via facebook even thought i could get in without the trustpilot link. When i wrote the reviews it wouldn't post them. The customer service is almost nonexistent its like talking to a lump of wood they simply ask you to email but that never works. TrustPilot have the worsted site and the worsted company Ive encountered in my 50 years, if i could give them minus 5 stars a would be happy too. Don't make the mistake of signing up to them for a monthly fee thinking they will do your business the power of good because they are a nightmare you just have to look at their own reviews to see that. Many unhappy customers!

25 April 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Karen,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. It seems like you had a lot of troubles and for that I apologize.

If you receive a review that doesn't seem to come from a real customer, we have a well-working procedure for that. You can claim a free business-profile, login to your account and report the review to customer service.

One of our employees in Community Support will investigate the issue and ask the reviewer for a proof of purchase. If it's possible to identify the reviewer as a customer the review will be restored. If not it will be removed permanently. That process ensures the overall quality of the reviews.

Some of the troubles you have experienced may be due to another person from your company has claimed the companyprofile. For security reasons we only allow that once per company.
It also sounds like you tried to create multiple user profiles connecting with the same Facebook account. That is not possible either.

I hope this explains the situation better and that you get the problem solved.

Joakim Ditlev


Use BT? Never in a million years

This is truly the company from hell, Once bitten twice shy. They are offering 6months free internet but i cancelled and they charged me more than £120.00 cancellation fee and when i refused to pay they sent 2 debt collection agencies on me. Never again in my lifetime will these people have my business


Buyer Beware!

My bike was supplied with no Mot, Get it the Mot done locally and post us the bill they said, 9 months and many calls later and still no sign of my money. I've had 3 bikes
from them I've had my share of problems but I'm a fair an patient guy but never again this is the final straw. I both spoke and wrote to the manager and it hasn't made a scrap of difference they simply don't care so my advise would be to buy elsewhere and save yourself a world of pain.

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