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The worst customer expirience in my life

I want write to tell how I was desapoint with customer service. I try buy tablet in one of your shop in Cardiff. I went to shop in St. Davids but the product what you selling was out of stock. The display model was broken so I cannot check product. I been asked to go to another shop in Cardiff as they got working display so I can test this model and also I will be able to order tablet from this shop for next day deliver. I drive to another shop about 5 miles to find out that they got also broken display tablet, event I asked to checked that before. When I asked to order for me this tablet I been told that I need wait 5 days for deliver as nobody in Cardiff got this model in shop. I been keep in shop for half hour to find out if this tablet Versus touch tab 10' dual core tablet 16GB will be with me in 3 days. Nobody from staff now how to order this product with next deliver day, as I been told in St. David that you offer next day deliver for extra £4,99. The staff was very unfriendly, arrogant and I got felling that I'm not welcome in this shop. When I asked for manager another team member explain me that they can order that for me for next day deliver and they train staff how to process that. After half hour I been asked to create account in currys web site to reserved and collect tablet from shop event that I want pay cash to save my time. \when I been told that I need create only account and then he will tell me if is possible to have this tablet next day I give up and left shop as I spent over 45 minutes in shop. No appologize for driving to another shop to see another broken tablet and for keeping me so long in shop. On the end I bought Samsung Tablet for £349.00 in Tesco what I think I can spend in PC shop and save time to drive to Tesco but staff was very unprofessional and rude to me. I been serve by 3 staff and all of them I think need attend some customer service training.

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