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COMPLETE JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i sent my phone off to this company under the impression i would be getting £71 for my phone from which it didn't mention the phone had to be like new. i got an email saying the phone has a scratch and a small crack on the case so the price is now £57.00. then i received an email saying my payment had bounced because my details are wrong which is a load of S*** they were correct 100%.

i called them and they said i had updated my account number to the correct 1 but the sort code was still wrong (EVEN THOUGH I HADN'T LOGGED INTO MY ACCOUNT AT ALL!!!!!) i managed to get through on the phone and demand my money they have sent me a cheque which i haven't tried to bank yet but it was for £47.00??? so where the hell as another £10 gone to? i have sent them an emailed demanding a call back from a manager but haven't heard anything. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP OR I PROMISE THIS WILL BE TAKEN MUCH FURTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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14 May 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Hi Jamie, this appears to be a historical review that's returned to the site. I can see that you used us to recycle a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc back in mid-April and we've since completed our payment to you so we hope this has been resolved for you.

Just in case, you'll see on our site we ask you specify the condition of your phone, and on the page where you select your device the testing criteria we use are linked three times - once for brand new, once for working and once for non-working devices. These details help you select the right criteria for your phone and explain the criteria a phone must meet to get our best possible price.

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