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Ebuyer: good prices but terrible customer service

I've bought a few things from ebuyer over the years with no problem. They're usually cheap and cheerful, and if you never have to contact customer services you'll be fine. Have a problem though and you're about to enter a world of pain.

I recently had an order go missing. After calling the delivery company (yodel) they told me they'd lost track of it and advised me to contact ebuyer. So far so good (Yodel even provide an 0800 number for customers - good for them). So, I contacted ebuyer. That's when things started to go wrong...

You have two options to contact ebuyer: their online ticketing system, or a call to an 0845 number. If you want to avoid the cost of a long (and it will be long) call to an 0845 number a bit of digging on internet forums will uncover a geographical number (01430 433605) which they don't advertise.

So I tried raising a ticket. This was on a Friday, and as they don't seem to have any customer support staff working over the weekend it wasn't answered until the next Tuesday. I called customer services on the Monday and after a 20 minute call (more than 15 minutes of which was on hold) I eventually got through to an extremely bored sounding CS rep who asked my if I'd like them to give me a refund or arrange redelivery. After thinking for a micro-second I opted for the refund. Fine they said, we'll be in touch...

Ah, refunds. Ebuyer take a strange attitude to refunds for non-delivered goods. They don't accept the idea that there is a contract between you as the customer and them as the supplier, they insist on bringing their courier into the mix. So if you ask for a refund they'll start asking you to fill in paperwork so they can raise a complaint with the courier. The reasoning seems to be that they want to get their money from the courier before they'll pass it on to you. If you're not willing to work as an unpaid clerk for ebuyer and simply insist that they give you your money back you hit a brick wall. The CS advisers can't or won't go off-script and you go round in circles.

Fortunately in my case I'd used a payment method that I could charge-back on, so there was a route to a refund that avoided any further contact with ebuyer. They did end up holding onto my money, in breach of contract, for over two weeks though.

The only reason I've used ebuyer in the past is because they sometimes undercut amazon on price by a few pounds. In the future I'll be prepared to pay slightly more for the (excellent) customer service you get from amazon when I'm making purchasing decisions. I can't see any reason to buy from ebuyer again. Their prices aren't attractive enough to make it worth the hassle of dealing with them when things go wrong (and when you use yodel as a courier, you can guarantee that things will go wrong).

25 April 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I am pleased to hear of your years of experience shopping with Ebuyer without any problems and I apologise for the problems you have had with this order.

I would also like to apologise for the length of time you was on hold for when trying to contact our customer support team, our busiest times of day are on a morning for the first hour and on a night from 4:00pm especially on a Monday. We will however try to answer all enotes as soon as possible within 48 hours.

We take claims of missing items and delayed deliveries very seriously and will always investigate this further with our courier which does involve a signed confirmation from our customers that they have not received the item. Once this has been received, you will be refunded or replaced as required.

I am sorry to hear you chose to do a chargeback instead of complete the claims form and I am sorry to hear you will not be shopping with Ebuyer again due to this.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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