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I sent my device in to Bozowi (Ipodphoto 4th generation). I was given a recycling price of £20.00 for a working device, which it was. I had an email 25/4/2013 from Bozowi saying that they had received the device however it had been downgraded to £4.87 as there was a software corruption on the ipod. In doing my research I found that this could simply be rectified by doing an apple software update. I contacted the company Bozowi to query this and explained I didnt think the device should be marked down for the reason they stated as the phone was only being recycled and it was neither here nor there as to whether the software was updated or not. The lady could not give me an answer in which she replied, "look, you either accept the downgraded price or we can send the ipod back to you for £5.00." customer service obviously not their strong point. I was agrreaved that I would be paing more in postage than what they were stating was the ipods "worth". I therefore felt I had no option than to accept their price. If the ipod is used to recycle parts why does it matter re. software? Obviosuly now I cannot test the item myself again without it costing me. I know the value of the ipod was low at £20.00 in the first place but it was the principal of it all. I wish I had read previous reviews of this company. I will not be using them again nor will I recommend them to people I know. They haven't tried to sort this out for me at all preferring to adopt the like it or lump it attitude. Not very professional!!!
update- received a further email later today saying that bozowi would not be able to process the payment as it has to be a minimum of 10 spend. I cannot have the ipod back as the order has already been processed however they wont give me my money either. I have to sell them more recycled phones etc to get the amount above 10 pounds. I advised them I certainly wont be using their company again and I want my money and they have declined. I have asked to speak to a manager and this request has also been declined. To me this borders on theft, all you get back is you should have read the terms and conditions. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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