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Covent Garden FX

cant count!! They admit their tills often have £100 variance!

I was served by the owner Paul. The total was £902 something and he told me not to worry about the £2 after i had handed over what i thought was £900 and he had counted it. I offered to pay the extra by card but his machine wasnt working so i gratefully accepted.

He gave me a receipt, well, an order receipt.... he never mentioned on their how much I gave and how much I received. Both of these said zero. Which i didnt notice until later.

When i got home I realised i gave £950 not £900 as i forgot to take the extra £50 out from the morning. i admit i made an error by forgetting to take money out but I was annoyed that someone who counts money miss counted £50 through a bundle of £10 and £20 notes! I emailed [Name] (a family member who deals with complaints - unprofessionally i must add!) Stating the situation, I attached the reciept and said that thier till will either be up or someones pocket is.

[Name] replied extremely defensively and She told me to stick to the facts not judgement! She also said the the tills would be hard to pin ooint these issues as they often have discrepncues of up to £100!! Wow, really? Surely you guys can count? A business that deals with money should be able to count and their tills be to the penny at the end of each day? I was offered the money back if i came back to collect it. At no point was there an apology or an 'understand how you must feel but I can assure you that bla bla'

I went to the shop today and spoke to [Name]. I introduced myslef as the person who was short changed. He gave me the money and told me that there was no need to be rude (as in the email - i dont think i was rude, i just questioned where the money was!) I apologised and said im sorry for suggesting that it was stolen but it raised eyebrows.... and before i coukd finish, which inwas saying calmly and politely, he said theres no need to be rude, i asked to let me explain and all he kept saying, atleast 6 or 7 times repeatedly there was no need for me to be rude! He was referring to the email and he was clearly p'd off. (Truth hurts maybe?!) I couldnt get a word out, and my last line to him was rude? I havent had 1 apology for the mistake and i walked away.

I cannot understand how a business that counts money, can miss count tens and twenties to be £50 different and that their tills have discrepencies!

No customer care what so ever. Thanks for giving back what was mine, hence the 1 out of 5 rather than 0 out of 5.

My advice to anyone who goes to change their money there is this:
Take a calculator, check the exhange rate and conversion yourself and count you money before you leave. They offer good exchangerates but they make uo the difference in their "till discrepencies"

Give up the day job [Name], your either a theif or cant count! ;)

29 April 2013

Reply from Covent Garden FX

Dear Katie,

Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry that you feel this way with regards to your recent transaction.

As a family run business, we take customer service very seriously and would like to assure you that we were not looking to make any ill gotten gains.

As I am sure you can appreciate, when you deal in volume of currencies, with exchange rates moving and updating once every hour, against stock that is carried over from the day before - discrepancies of £100 can happen in our tills.

At the same time, we take it to heart when you make unfounded accusations regarding members of our staff. Our staff count large amounts of money day-to-day. It is very rare that a mistake would be made for £50 when comprised of £10 and £20 notes.

I am saddened that despite not actually knowing if you overpaid or not, we gave you your monies as a gesture of good will, and you still chose to make personal comments.

Similarly, please be reminded that is a libellous comment to imply that our rates are made up of anything other that genuine hard work 7 days a week.

We would welcome the opportunity for you to come and visit us in Covent Garden again, show us the bank receipt for what was withdrawn and extend our apologies.

Kind Regards

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