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EasyGates Ltd

Post Purchase Customer Service is Very Very Poor

I ordered product from Easygates and the delivery was fine. I have had the gate arms 12 months and have a major problem, in that the arm casing has broken (2yr warrantry). These arms were replacements for the same arms, ordered from EasyGates 6(ish) years previously. I have emailed them and they say that the arm has broken due to improper installation - when they were installed in the exact same geometry as the ones that were there previously ! They have been very slow in responding to my email contact and are being less than helpful in assisting me.
Beware purchasing from them if you may need help after they have your money.

Having received the response below, I am staggered !

I only entered a review on Trustpilot, out of desperation at not having received a response from EasyGates, to my email. I havd tried to call them several times on Saturday morning (as I have today at 5.26pm) but simply get a constant unanswered ringing.

For them to reply to my review - yet still not respond to my email, is simply unbeleivable to me.

With regard to my having bough a spare - I purchased two complete swinging gate arms (seperately) which cost £135 each - not what I would call a "spare part".

With regard to how the casing broke, I have suggested to them that there are a number of ways this could have happened - not least sub standard metals used in the manufacture - or a fault in the manufacturing process - to which they have not replied. As these two arms were fitted to the exact same fitting points that the previous two arms were fitted (they lasted for 6-7 years) then one would assume if the fitting is incorrect, then the previous arms should have broken !!!

I don't realy want to have a public conversation - so can someone from EasyGates please call me as I have gates that don't open ! ! !

01 February 2012

Reply from EasyGates Ltd

As a spare part which was ordered over 12 months ago, the warranty has unfortunately expired. We requested an email with photos of the part as proof that there was a manufacturers fault but to no avail. We cannot warrant equipment which we either have not had returned to us for inspection, or at the very least have photographic evidence of. In this particular case, we find it very hard to believe that this is a warranty issue regardless of the date it was bought, as the product in question's casing will not break without unnecessary force being applied. We always aim to give our customers the best service and advice on our products and if a warranty claim comes to our attention, we resolve the matter as soon as possible.
Kindest Regards,

The Easygates Team


Very poor customer service and attitude

I ordered from this company on 14th December 2010. I write on the 27th and still I have received nothing. I emailed them on the 26th and received the follwing reply : Thank you for your email. This is an auto responder email. YOUR EMAIL WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED. I am sorry we are now closed. I really wish i had read these reviews - as the ones that say "poor customer service" etc are very true. They initially told me (when I enquired about where my goods where , on the 23rd) to check with the local post office - however the local post office have delivered other items that were ordered on the 18th December, so the issue is not a backlog there. It is apparent that this shambles of a business SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. My advice is to use a different company - there are many to choose from.

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