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rather than a review let me tell you what has happend over the last week

my name is matthew and i live in manchester,
in febuary i bought 4 standing tickets for the upcoming Beyonce show at the lg arena on 27th of april 2013 via the viagogo website for £1100.
i received the tickets on 23/4/2013 and they was wrong.
there was only a pair of 2 and the other 2 was individual for different rows of the standing area.
also out of the 4 tickets 1 of them was an e ticket which clearly states "resale of this ticket is prohibited"
it also has the original buyers name on the ticket and it also states "id checks may be conducted on entry"
i then went onto the viagogo website and looked for the customer service number which i was unsuccessful as it is not on the website.
i then went on to look through forums of bad reviews and wrong doings to other people were i found the customer service number which is a 0871 number.
i called viagogo and got instructed to send photos of the tickets to wich i explained i do not want replacement tickets as it it too close till the event for something like this to happen as it is only 5 days removed from the event so i sent a photo of the tickets along with this email……

I have received my tickets today 23/4/2013 and I am not happy and would like a full refund as the party I was going to attend with has agreed along with my self that the tickets we have received are not what we purchased and there are a number of factors that have led myself and the my 3 friends who was going to attend to believe this

1) the e ticket has the original buyers name on the I completely appreciate that on your website it states that this won't be a problem but the ticket says I d checks may be conducted on entry and it would be a disaster if this was to take place and was to be refused entry.

2) the e ticket clearly states resale of this ticket is prohibited so I should not of received it

3)only 2 of the 4 tickets I've received are together there all on different rows

In light of these 3 major factors we as a group have decided that we are not going to attend as it is very short notice for something like this to happen and have proceeded to cancel hotel reservations to which I explained to the operator when I contacted customer service and she said it is understandable that we expect a full refund for the tickets and instructed me to send pictures of the tickets (found below)and someone will be in touch tomorrow 24/4/2013. I do look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible replacement tickets will not be accepted as it is now to short notice.
I am more than positive you will understand and issue a full refund for the miss-sold tickets and look forward to hearing from you

My contact numbers are as follows and am available at all times but preferably am will suit me better

i then contacted viagogo on the customer service number on 24/4/2013 as i was yet to receive a response.
and was told someone will contact me regarding this matter.
i then rang back on 25/4/2013 to be told by a member of customer service called "caz" who told me a refund has been accepted and she proceeded to tell me to return them via special delivery and the address to return them to will be emailed to me asap.
i then went signed onto my email account to find a response that got sent on the 24/4/2012 which i did not collect till this point and the email is as follows.

Dear matthew,

We are writing to you regarding your order for Beyoncé

We have reviewed your order and the tickets you have received, and we can confirm that they are correct and valid for your order for the event 27/4/2013, Beyoncé.

If you are unable to use the tickets, you could relist the tickets for sale on our site. Click here to relist all the tickets in one click,
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,


Customer Service

i then called back on the customer service number again and said i was told i was getting a refund less than 1 hour ago and i have found this email what is going on to which the girl who i was speaking to said i can see my colleague told you u are getting a refund but because you received that email i will get the person who is dealing with it to clarify the situation to which i replied i asked for a refund i was told i was going to get a refund at this point i do expect to get the refund and the call ended and i received this email around an hour later.

Dear Matthew

As advised in the previous email we are unable to offer a refund. The tickets you have received are correct and valid for your order.

Viagogo is a market place that allows people to buy and sell tickets to live events and the original purchaser of the ticket is always printed on the ticket.

Please be advised that almost all tickets state that the resale of a ticket is prohibited however you will not face any issues with these tickets and can rest assured that you are covered by the viagogo guarantee.

Please also note that viagogo guarantees tickets will be in at least pairs but not together as a 4.

We apologise for any inconvenience however your order is correct and we are unable to issue any refund or compensation.

Kind regards,


and i replied to this email all most immediately

Rob I was told today a refund will be given for these tickets and further to your point yes I can take on board that they are to be sold in pairs but they are not pairs I have 1 pair and 2 separate I will not be attending the event as I refuse to risk additional traveling cost to be turned away. Further to your point again if resale is not prohibited why would that be on the ticket I think the customer service you provide is appalling and I will be contacting my legal team regarding this matter if a refund is not provided as I was told today by a member of your customer service team called "caz" quote " a refund has been approved " she also told me I will be provided with an address to send the tickets to and will be refunded for postal charges. I would like to have a phone conversation with you to discuss this further because talking over email is not adequate for the situation and I look forward to hearing from you in the next 24hours

i then spoke to the customer service team again and was told i am not getting a refund and there is nothing i can do.
i relay feel an injustice has been done here as i payed a lot of money to have these tickets together and not to be dotted round the arena and don't think a company like viagogo should be able to get away with this kind of practice as i won't be attending the event at risk of refusal of entry as its in Birmingham and i live in manchester.

i have contacted 5 newspapers about this issue ,trading standards , ticket factory and bbc watchdog as i feel what they are doing not just to me but to millions of people like myself is wrong and i aim to put a stop to it

i can not stress enough do not use this company i should of listend to the bad reviews

i repeat do not use this company unless you wanna loose ur money

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