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The lying, giggling phone rep

Tried booking a trip to Europe through Expedia, but it failed with an unexplained error. I called their customer service and they said they were unable to complete the transaction. I looked at my account and I saw a pending transaction for the amount of the trip. The phone rep told me that it would take them 72hours to remove the charge and by the time that was done the price would have gone up. She informed me that while I was on the phone (40min) the price of the package had gone up by around $40. Quite plainly this was a lie. I was on their website at the time of the call and saw that the price had not changed. After 48 hours I see that the price of the package has not gone up by a single dime and the charges are still on my account.

At the time of the call I asked if there was any way to get the charges removed faster. It is not exactly convenient for me to have a pending transaction of several thousand dollars on my account for 72 hours. The phone rep told me (barely withholding herself from laughter) that I would need to dispute the charges with my bank. I asked if they could make a merchant call to the bank and let them know of the error so this might get done faster but they just kept giggling in the background. I thought they taught you how to use the mute button at call centers but I guess things must work differently in India.

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