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ProCook - Excellent as usual

Throughout my earlier life I was plagued by the occasional scream of rage as a pan fell to pieces or non-stick turned out to mean stick. This has never once been the case with anything I have bought from ProCook in the last 4 years. ProCook's products are always reliable and always as described, I have never once been irritated by any of the various items I have purchased, from pans to knives to graters, everything is exactly as I would hope, and unlike many of the other brands I own, I have not yet seen any degradation in the suitability of a ProCook tool for its job as it ages, the pans have remained sturdy and un-warped, the knives have stayed so sharp I rarely need to touch them with a steel, the only thing to break has been two cups when I elbowed them off the side.

Furthermore, their delivery service is excellent with everything, even plastic items arriving on time, well padded, and undamaged in any way.

The one and only quibble I have with ProCook is that their website is poorly organised, when trying to find items they are often hidden away in subcategories which is a little annoying.

This time I bought a ProCook branded mandolin and as I expected, despite looking like something out of SAW, it was trivial to slice up an onion for my dinner with the wickedly sharp blades.

All in all, I not only would recommend ProCook to anyone. In fact I actively do recommend their products to my friends, family and random people who I strike up a conversation with. ProCook's website is always my first stop whenever I need anything for my kitchen and I advise anyone else to give them a try as well.

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