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It's broken.

Talktalk is my ISP. That's internet service provider. It seems to have escaped Talktalk's notice that an ISP should provide an internet service.

At least 50% of the time I have no internet capability at all. When I do have it, the connection is very slow.

Their procedure for dealing with complaints is ridiculous. They deny any responsibility, refusing to admit that the problem might come from their service, blaming possible faulty connections, microwaves and all sorts at my end.

Then they have a list of suggestions nearly as long as war and peace that involves taking screwdrivers to sockets and more. Unscrewing the fascia from a master socket may well(?) improve my internet connectivity, but can't they see that is not the solution?

A 2/10 rating seems a bit optimistic, especially when you consider you can't give them 0 or 1/10.

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