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I would definitely like the people to read this. I went to Brent Cross Branch of PC World

The person who served me in Brent Cross branch was VINCENT (an old guy) and yeah he did provide an exceptional service and it was exceptionally BAD. This is my worst experience in any store of London. I didn't raise the matter with the manager because I was in a hurry. But I didn't like the attitude of the person. who served me MR. VINCENT. I hope its not the same way in every PC World or Currys.

When I went to the till I got my Debit card out. The product had yet not come. The computer was in front of me and he was doing something on the computer. I had my Debit card in my hand. Mr. VINCENT didn't even ask about my debit card and just took it, by his own, from my hands and started entering the details. I went inquisitive that what is happening? and when I asked him that what was he doing? He showed me the computer and asked me to fill my details myself. I then realized he was filing my details. but in that case He could have asked me or request me.

But then how can someone take my debit card without asking and just start filling my details?

Moreover he asked me to fill my details and left the place to deal with another customer.

I was standing there for 2 minutes for him to return. But he never did until and unless a colleague of him asked him to come back. The colleague asked him of why did he leave. and the Mr Vincent replied that I was asking him of what he was doing and why he was doing? He said this and left.

I want to ask Is this the right way to approach a customer?

1) You take someone's card from the hand without asking or requesting him?
2)You leave the place in anger asking the customer to fill his details?
3)When a colleague asks you , you tell a lie to hide your back?
4) Even if I did ask him of what he was doing? Am I not supposed to know of what is happening with my debit card.? What was wrong in that?
5) Is it wrong to ask a question in PC World?

If this is the case , I guess the service is and was exceptionally bad. I would never ever visit that store again. and if I would not have been in hurry , i would have never bought the product from there.

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